Dilemma Between College & Course

DU admissions are all set to begin within next few days. The students are all set with passionate spirits for getting admitted to DU. Lakhs of people come, trying to fetch one single seat for their ward and among thus hustling-bustling, what happens is,the brain gets baffled and from our choices we land up on the options left to us.And that one option becomes your destiny!
 So friends our topic for this article that we will focus upon is Course vs. College dilemma.There are certain points to be kept in mind”

1. ‘All courses’: Whenever you fill the form,make sure you don’t choose a specific subject. Always go for opting ‘All courses.’Because DU being a university,offers several courses that relates to one single faculty curriculum, with slight variations in it’s structure. Example- B.Com (prog.) and B.Com (hons.)

2. Course vs. College: It is a well known fact that all the DU colleges are overly fascinating when it comes to their environment as well as people. But, it’s a ‘been there, done that’ kind of advice that one should always have a well off cogency regarding the choice of a course over a college. Because the college is just for 3 years but the course will be your future for a lifetime. Even if you are not getting the subject within your percentage,and that makes you leave DU, then go for preferring that,since it’s a matter of your career.

3. Curriculum: While opting for admissions for a particular course,always check the curriculum of the course and a that it includes. Because the school level curricula and the one taught in college may vary drastically. Example: B.A(hons.) English, B.A(hons.) Economics etc.

4. College over courses: The college over course aspect is beneficial but in cases only where one is getting his/her much needed exposure in that specific college and graduating is subsidiary for them. Example: Sports quota students, NCC students.
These were some of the really important arguments concerning the subject and college, please choose it wisely. Wish you guys luck!
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