5 Important Tips for Freshers

1) Don’t Be Shy, Socialize:
As you are going to be a part of a totally new atmosphere, here you will barely find anyone whom you have known since school. As you enter into your new classroom, you will encounter many unfamiliar faces. So, it’s normal to feel shy and anxious but you have to strive to conquer your fear. Do not hesitate to go to a random classmate and introduce yourself. Might be even the girl/boy in front of you was trying to find someone to talk to and you never know if that very person is going to be your ‘BFF’. Just brighten up your face with a smile and have the confidence, a friendly approach & it will surely help others to come up to you and introduce themselves.

2) Keep your College IDs/Fees Slip With you:
Don’t forget to bring your fees slip with you on the first day of your college. Else you will find it grueling to get inside the college as it’s hard to get across the college guards who are unfamiliar with new faces as they are bound by their duty and security purpose. So, keep your fees slip with you or a photocopy of fees slip might work as well. College IDs are generally given within the first few days of the college.

3) Attend the Orientation Program:
All colleges conduct an orientation program for the freshers so it’s an advice to all the freshers to attend the orientation program of their colleges. It will help you understand the college better, know your classmates & teachers, learn about the societies, canteen, labs, gym and much more.On this day, a lot of activities are conducted which are fun and interesting. You may even get to experience  some unforgettable moments. So, don’t miss this day for sure.

4) Frequently Check Notice Board:
Checking notice boards regularly should be made into a habit. Unlike school, nobody is going to tell you the time table and lecture timings. You will have to check it yourself, whether on college notice board or on college website. Nobody will tell you about the upcoming events like fresher’s party, competitions etc. So, as soon as you enter the college, check the notice board for new informations daily. Get a quick glance of the notice board, whenever you get time.

5) Don’t Hesitate while Seeking Help:


You may find it difficult to find classrooms during the first few days. So don’t be reluctant while asking for help from seniors or from anyone. It takes some time to get adjusted in new atmosphere but with time you will get settled and soon find yourself eager enough about the college life. There might be other things too that might puzzle you, hence, do not hesitate to seek help from the seniors.

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