Scary Sundays? Let’s have a survival kit!

Scary Sundays?
Let’s Have A Survival Kit!!!!!

From work related stress about the upcoming meeting to managing hundreds of emails waiting, from social pressure of marriages to waking up early for the next 5 days, from never ending to do list to managing household chores, from irritation of low salary to problem of heavy expenses, and so on.

These all are counted as common man’s common problems and stumbling backs,what they face on every ending hours of Sunday and make their Sundays too daunting to manage.
The terminology Sunday scaries or the Sunday blues might give a description of a cute story but in real it is like the most daunting dream for some.
The feeling of doom that came and knock, even if we had the best hangover with friends, even if we had the best hours on Friday and Saturday till the moment of fear, unpreparedness, worry, anxiety, depression, self introspection, the feeling of lack of shenanigans what we can have but not able to do so and like so many things came forward and make us thin and too stretched with loads of responsibilities feeling of tiredness and triggers the feeling of depression.

Sunday scaries mainly refers to the anxiety that we people calculate particularly in the evenings as the upcoming workaholic week is going to knock us again.
Awareness is the first step and practicing heartly and mindfully with actionable ways is the second step so that one can trigger their moods and depression up and led to change the same and have fruitful and enjoyable Sunday and to have a good start towards Monday.
Some easy and important ways to comfort the sunday blues are-

1. Make a strategy for a whole week

Making a Strategy to do list for the upcoming week and implementing the same for the whole week will give a person a fruitful and awardable week.
To do list Should include doing the worst things first and letting the effortless things on weekends.
It will further give a sense of accomplishment and a control over your schedule.

2. Make your own happy place
Enjoying your Sunday on your choices. It may range from self introspection in a vacant room or in a garden to enjoying a good cup of tea having with your favourite movie or a TV Show. It may also range from painting a canvas to collecting coins for your collection ,these effortless movements can assist people to love their end hours of Sundays and enjyoy to the fullest.

3. Priortize Sleep
In the contemporary scenario life is full of humdrums, in every corner and is unexpected may be a shocking news that leads to the lack of sleeping hours and difficulties in the same.
That’s why we should always prioritize sleep on the weekends so that we can rejuvenate ourselves and Stand up gracefully for the upcoming workaholic weekdays.

4. Give time to yoga and gyming
Having movements in the ending hours can assist us to receive from stress and makes us healthy too as it directly stimulates the mind and heart that well further led to have a supportive attitude.
It could be something as simple as a walk to your nearest or favorite park, to have a walk in a veranda having a touch of soothing must in behind.

5. Freeing yourself from the locks of digital world.
Since we are already aware that how fake the world of digital media is,detoxing ourselves from the same in weekends can give us the time for self introspection, and giving us the luxury of one-ness to learn about ourselves what we are not able to do in the weekdays.
In these technology free hours we can give time to think about our interest, our wants our ambitions and doing the same for long can cling our future at positive lines.

6. Spend time with your favourites
On Weekends we are not in the cage of work and unconfined in the pressure of society hence it is a great time to enjoy your weekends with the people you love with people you love can motivate you, give you the comfort you wanted, smoother your mind and body.
These all efforts further led you to fruitful days of the week and to give your best even in those things you are not comfortable with.
Self Introspection

Introspection leads to a higher level of self awareness. It can be a great source of achievement is future as this leads to the establishment of the desired goals and that lead to a kind of achievement that is future converts in gratitude to yourself and then one can easily fight the Sunday blues.
Hence we can say that making a list to do implementing the same, connecting your loved ones, listening to your favorite music, practicing yoga etc can easily convert your Sunday scaries to Sunday sweetness effortlessly.

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