Why DU students need to live the moment!

We are often trapped by a web of thoughts in our psyche that constantly haunt us throughout the day.

You may be travelling in the metro but may be thinking about how you got into an argument with your parents today. Or while watching television, instead of watching your favorite show you may be lost in thoughts of a cute chap you met a day before. Or you may be busy the whole day imagining a scenario in your head about what you are going to do to the party in coming week, you know all that you keep fantasizing about will never happen for real. But you do. Because you are not living in the present moment, you are not living consciously.

Your mind frequently keeps wandering to the future or in the past. You end up doing nothing all day long but still it leaves you feeling exhausted.

Living consciously is the only remedy for this trap. It includes observing your actions, focusing on what you are doing and when, being alive and being present in the moment in any situation.


Osho, one of the well-known spiritual teachers, whose teachings are being followed by millions of people in today’s world once said “If you live consciously, if you try to bring consciousness to every act that you go through, you will be living in a silent, blissful state, in serenity, in joy, in love. Your life will have the flavor of a festival. That is the meaning of heaven: your life will have many flowers in it; much fragrance will surround you. You will have an aura of delight. Your life will be a song of life-affirmation; it will be a sacred yes to all that existence is. You will be in communion with existence — in communion with stars, with the trees, with the rivers, with the mountains, with people, with animals. This whole life and this whole existence will have a totally different meaning for you. From every nook and corner, rivers of bliss will be flowing towards you. Heaven is just a name for that state of mind. Hell means you are living so unconsciously, so absurdly, in such contradiction, that you go on creating more and more misery for yourself.”

After reading his books and texts is only after I realized the quality of life I was living, and that is when you try to change your life.


Consciousness says that even when you have opened a tap to wash your hands, watch that process, be aware of how your hands are being cleaned. This can be applied in every situation.

When you walk, walk with awareness of your step. When you eat, eat with the awareness of the meal in front of you.

It means living from moment to moment. Only in novels, stories begin and end. In life there is only a beginning and there is no certainty about the end.

So live today- with intensity, with totality, with as much consciousness and awareness as possible.


And before you sink into you’re the deep mysteries of your mind again, STOP, Stop yourself and start living with awareness.

Take a deep breath and kick off those stories that you have been imagining in your head. Make way for present to enchant you with its magic!

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