Types of people you meet at Indian weddings

As the wedding season is on, a piece dedicated to the big fat Indian weddings is call of the hour. An Indian wedding is a festival in its own way. It is such an event which can give the toughest competition to any of the Sooraj Barjatya’s movies. From Dulhan ka designer lehanga to Dilli 6 ka special khana everything in an Indian wedding is larger than life. But the main gist of these weddings are the ‘Guests/Relatives/ friends’.

So we present a platter before you with some amazing characters of Indian Weddings which give these weddings their tangy flavour.


1. The Dressed Ups:

These are the close ones of bride and groom, each of one belongs to this category are more excited for the wedding than the ones getting married. From flaunting their waterproof make up to their designer attire everything is so perfect that they can easily outshine the bride and groom.


2. The culturally obsessed:

Ye Sharma ji kya kre hain humare me toh ye riwaaz nai hai.

Exactly, no matter what they just can’t imagine their lives without putting their nose in someone else’s business. They are the real substitutes of Pandit ji coz they know even more than him.


3. The Complaint Box:

Well, whether you got the food from a 5-star hotel or from a local Dhaba wala, after eating everything in the menu you’ll receive only this comment,” Khana kuch khaas achaa nahi tha hume btaya hota”-_-



These people don’t give a shit to anyone in the wedding coz their main aim is to Khao, Piyo and Get Out ho jao before anyone recognise them for not belonging to the lot.

5. The Match Makers:

Weddings, in a true sense for these people are the best matrimonial site, where they can find the best of girls and boys for their sons and daughters. Everything is perfectly judged, from the qualification to chaal-dhaal .


6. The Selfie Lovers:

Well, they are the self-obsessed, over-dressed, self-claimed social networking sites’ kings and queens.  After taking 100 clicks they finalise one perfect pouty picture for their display picture. (Hush!!).


7. The Tiger Shroffs:

They don’t need any introduction coz they got some real dancing talent. No matter the DJ wale babu is playing Justin Bieber or Sharry Mann they will lighten the stage with the two and the half step they know.


8. The Over loaders:

These people stop eating from a day before the wedding coz they want to eat as much as they can in the wedding. From starters to main course to dessert they are well aware of the whole menu.

Marriages are celebrated as festivals in India. Everything is so special, be it the bride and groom, the decoration or the food, weddings are much awaited events of every Indian family. And, these weddings get their never ending flavour from the above mentioned people. No matter whether they are annoying, funny or cute they are the real essence of these weddings.

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