When we try to undermine something as like our dark side through our good covers, do we fail to accept the reality?

It has been said that in kaliyug both surrah(surs) and assurah(assurs) reside in a single body. If a person or family is too good or virtuous then there are possibilities for the same to carry an extremely dark side. Only the difference is that we as a human being try to overcome our dark and negative side by a good cover. To conform with the societal norms, we resist accepting our true selves. The fear of getting discriminated by the society and it’s people force us to comply with it’s norms and ideals.

How does it affect us? 

The word “pseudo” best suits this condition. By denying our actual thoughts and characteristics and complying with the popular notions make us a “pseudo-human”. It in turn affects the self-esteem and self-concepts of an individual. According to Carl Rogers, self-concept is an overarching construct that self-esteem is one of the components of it. Science and tradition

Be it a tradition (as mentioned above) or a science, both focus on the well-being of an individual through direct relationship with self-esteem and self-concepts.

Undermine or Overcome?  

The moral and the values that one carries plays a vital role in their development. A set of proper ideologies and ethics that are present in an individual, guides him/her. These ethics are received by one through the family backgrounds. Thus, helps in overcoming a negative side and thoughts of an individual rather than just undermining it for a moment.

Undermining a condition would suppress the reality for a while but overcoming it with internal and external factors would completely change the reality.

The purpose of an individual should be to transform oneself from evil to good rather than just suppressing one’s beliefs and characteristics. Consequently, it would enforce one to accept or mould the reality.



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