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What to carry in college bag? (What you expect vs what you actually should)

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  • What you think Make up box to do the face touch ups every time you see one drop of sweat on your face.
    What you shouldHandkerchiefs and tissues to wipe your sweat. You won’t get time to run to do the touch up every time.
  • What you thinkCoke cans to look classy and high-fi.
    What you shouldA water bottle to quench your thirst in the scorching heat. The water filters in the college supply you only water, not the glasses to drink in.
  • What you thinkA small funky diary, because who makes notes in the colleges.
    What you shouldA proper full sized register because the professors in college might teach well and ask you to make notes.
  • What you thinkA small side bag in which you will carry all your stuff like people do in KJo films.
    What you shouldA big bagpack so that you can have all the essential items with you all the time.
  • What you thinkPhone charger to charge your phone whenever the battery dies.
    What you shouldA power bank as you might not find fully functional sockets for charging in your college classrooms.

The colleges are not opening for now, but, being hopeful of good times is never a big deal. Do consider this list next time before you pack your college bagpacks. This is going to be of much importance to the newbies to college.




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