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  1. Myth – North Campus colleges are the best
    Fact – There are a lot of amazing colleges in South Campus too like Lady ShriRam College, Sri Venkateshwara College, etc. which are outstanding than any other College of North Campus. This is something that one realises after landing into any South Campus College, but all of us should know it already!
  2. Myth – College mein aane ke baad life set hai!
    Fact – Many people believe that once they take admission in a college, they will have to take no pain in future and the career path would be designed automatically. But, it is actually in college that one starts thinking seriously about what next in life is to be done. Should one go for a Masters or get the placement done, is one important question.
  3. Myth – No need to study in college as marks don’t matter afterwards.
    Fact – Marks are the primary criterion for one to get shortlisted in the placements. Therefore, if one doesn’t score good in colleges too it would already disqualify them from the race of Campus Placements.
  4. Myth – No need of a good score to get admission in DU  if I am from the Sports or ECA (Extra Curricular Activities) quota.
    Fact – However, one needs a decent score even if they’re applying through quota. Candidates have to face tough competition in quota trials and getting admitted to colleges of their choice through quotas isn’t easy.
  5. Myth – Only girls college of DU are a walking-talking fashion show
    Fact – No. The girls colleges are more than just a fashion show. Rather, they are more competitive with girls excelling in every field like co-curriculars, sports and studies. Not all girls here focus on just looking good. Many come to college to develop their personality and not their beauty.
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