Tips to Dress Up on First Day of College for BOYS

First of all, congratulations for your admission in college. Now, this is gonna be a truly different phase and a new mode of life.
You must have heard about thrills and enjoyments of college life and must waited for this day. Now, your wait is finally over.




First thing that counts in your first impression is your look. So, boys try going to college with well combed hairs, fresh look, well shaved and a charming face.



It’s normal to follow stars and dress up like them but remember don’t fall into style grooves. Don’t wear all Hollister or all famous stars. You can wear those brands but don’t go OVERBOARD. Try to be original and unique.



Denims are the most versatile pick in clothing. You can go for a blue color denim and if you like experimenting colors, Denims offer you options too. Tattered jeans would make your look even cooler. Casual colored, fitted trousers are pretty much in trend and could give you a semi formal look.



While looking for shirts or Tshirts always remember to choose the fabric which is sweat absorbent as the weather is really hot and humid. Chose light colors also keeping in mind your skin color. Yeah, don’t forget to use good smelling, long lasting deodorant, you surely don’t want to be drenched in sweat and have pits stains on the first day of college.



Boys, now you are free to experiment with your haircuts. So go and get a haircut which would enhance your look even more. May be a new look which is trending, this might make you look different.



On first day, wear that pair from your collection that suits you the most, it’ll make you feel comfortable and confident. Peep-toes, sneakers and even trendy chappals are pretty much in! It is college and you can wear all that you want to.



Complete your look by wearing a trendy and cool watch as the days are gone when watch was just device which helps you know time. An exclusive watch would make you look awesome. Shades are pretty much, now available in different colored glasses. Your college bag is recommended to be comfortable, light to carry and preferably what suites your personality.


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Be confident to go out and be who you are. Use the curve of your smile to straighten your problems.

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