Things to keep in mind before taking admission in Delhi University

The wandering times are back. The time when nothing matters more in life than a grabbing a seat in college that too, a breathtaking task when one is aiming at one of the prestigious institutions, Delhi University. The process is and will always be tough as well as complex and sometimes even stressful!
So, here are certain things which all the DU aspirants NEED TO KEEP IN MIND BEFORE TAKING ADMISSION IN DU!


The foremost question that strikes to everybody’s mind is what is more important, the course they want to pursue or their dream college which is usually from the creamy layer of Delhi University ie., North Campus.
In a bid to secure admission in a well known college, people often give less importance to the course they’re choosing. The University demands one
to be clear headed about the priorities and objectives in life. Undoubtedly, college is important afterall that is the place where you are going to spend next three years of life, having a roller-coaster experience and meeting new people who towards the end become a part of your life but choosing a course is another aspect and is way more important because that is where one’s objectives should lie.
Chosing a better college and neglecting the course is for a short term ie., just a span of 3 years but chosing a better course neglecting the idea of better college is for long term. And do remember, the degree for which you are seeking admission won’t name the college (instead Delhi University) but definitely the course!
So sit back and relax after you fill the online centralised form and set your priorities straight to avoid havoc later.

2. FILLING THE ADMISSION FORM (all the hows? and whats?..):

I could not think of anything more important and confusing in the process of getting admission in DU than filling the online form.
The online admission form requires the aspirants to submit (i) a soft copy of your passport size photographs. (ii) scanned and self-attested copies of all the documents (required). Make sure you fill the required details correctly.
One needs to chose the courses for which they are seeking admission in the form, people usually make the biggest blunder in chosing only one course they desire for. Rather, one should be chosing all the courses he/she is eligible for or else if you are highly confused, simply tick all the options of courses offered by DU as overconfidence may lose you a seat!
Most importantly, in the end saving and submitting the form.


The cut-offs will be released in second week of July this year. Five cut-offs were declared in the previous year. If you meet the cut-off, you will have three days to enrol at the respective college. You will have to submit your documents and pay the fees.
The worst is the struggle with photocopying documents and stationary. Make sure you have a heap of passport size photographs and self-attested photocopies of the documents ready before heading for admissions at the college.
Though the admission process is not on first come first basis but it is advisable to reach early to avoid havoc.
If you decide to change your college after a subsequent cut-off, you will need to withdraw admission from the previous college first. The documents and the deposited amount are returned, with certain deductions.


If you plan to apply for admissions through the ECA or sports quota, you must select the option in the online form itself. Fill in the details of the activity or sport, and attach relevant training, participation and/or achievement certificates along with the particulars of the last three years only.
Trials for ECA are held at two levels. There are preliminary trials, and upon qualification, the final trials, followed by counselling.
For sports, a fitness test is followed by the trials for the respective game. The trials for for varied activities are held in specific colleges, notification of which will be released later. Final trials followed for those selected.
Admissions could simply be a test of your patience and nerves. But just be self-aware.
And beware of brokers promising back-door admissions, from peons to administration staff and students politicians. They claim to help seek a back-door admission, demanding huge amounts of money which could later lead you in a terrible situation.
Best wishes to all the aspirants!
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