How College Can Change Your Whole Life

College life can bring unexpected changes in your life. You will be in completely different world with completely different people. You will experience something which you never had experienced ever before in your life. Most of you will be going out for shopping for clothes for college. Many of you should be thinking to get a pretty haircut and maybe some pretty hair colour. You will not only see transformation in your looks but also in your attitude.

FREEDOM: Being in college means you are considered all grown up, and you will feel that your parents will have different attitude toward you and will want you to act you in more matured way. College life gives you opportunity to be independent. You learn how to take your important decisions and not to depend on your parents and create your own individual thinking.

JOB ORIENTED OPPORTUNITIES: College gives you a platform to be more professional and gain field experiences and those experiences which may be more helpful for job orientation.

Many of you will be thinking of getting new opportunities as well,  many of you might be ambitious and want to earn money on your own so college life comes up with many opportunities like internships for college students which may or may not provide you money but beneficial certificate of appreciation and LOR (letter of recommendation)

SOCIAL INTERACTION : College gives you a platform for social interaction. In beginning of college life most us are concerned about our friend circle. As college is completely new environment main focus of a person is to be able to make new friends which share the same values and thinking as you do. Tip for you guys is you should talk to everyone and should not judge someone by their looks but rather talk to them and then decide whether you like them or not, whether you want to be with them or not.  Thus helps you overcome social anxiety too. And if you are an introvert then the college life is where you can work on your confidence.


MAKES YOU FAMILIAR WITH REALITIES :College is a new field where you prepare yourself for future. You learn how to be in different situation and how to handle them. You learn about unexpected realities and thus college help you to shape you for your future.

FUTURE GOALS: College life helps you to decide about your future. It helps you decide what path to choose after your graduation and helps you acquire knowledge about different choices available after doing graduation.

DIVERSITY:College makes you learn about vast culture of India and helps you communicate with different people from diverse background. Thus helps you to learn how to communicate and develop connection

SHOWCASE TALENT: College is one place where you talent is hugely and immensely appreciated. College is best place to showcase your talent and also you find many people from different creative background and so you can help yourself learn lot many things from others and also can learn to improve yourself in your domain of talent and it gives you opportunity to be in connection with people with similar talent from whom you can learn and improve.

SOCIETIES: The most important part of any college is its societies. being a part of society can help you build connections, improve communication skills, improve your confidence and of course will add something to your profile.(co curricular activities) If you can handle your college attendance along with being in society, then don’t waste your time and go for it.

So all the very best and hope college life can bring positive change in your life.

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