The ‘Help Desk Circus’ in Delhi University

The admission time in Delhi University is back, the times when everything seems confusing, astounding and sometimes hilarious!
The times when you will meet a number of people who will be willing to help you in every possible way, from open days in north campus to your respective colleges. You will surely be meeting 10-15 people a day who will be helping you whole heartedly, from giving you their contact no’s on the very first day of open days asking you to contact in case you need any help to strangers hugging and congratulating you on getting admission in the college and suddenly you start feeling that “Oh! This world is so nice to me!” or simply thinking about them as “Such nice people they are!”
But well, slowly and gradually you will understand the whole circus of the admission help desk, whether be it people helping you from ABVP, NSUI, AISA, CYSS or any other if i forgot to mention.
I still remember the first day when I entered the college at around 1pm already tired of the complicated admission process.
The moment I stepped in, 7-8 people wearing orange and blue i cards stating “May I help you.” gathered around. One of them wearing a blue i card said “Please be fast, if you want to get the admission process done today”, followed by the other one with a blue i-card who said “Rush, you are already late!” and then the one with an orange i-card said “Oh girl, dont panic! I will get your admission done today itself”.
I was trying to understand who these people are and in the meanwhile the one with the blue and orange i-cards got into quarrel and then more such people with blue and orange i-cards gathered around me. It seems like the one who were acting like angels willing to help me suddenly turned into devils or i should say witches to each other.
At first they were quarelling with each other and in the very next moment one of the girl snatched the other girls i-card in response to which she slapped her. I could not understand who these people are?, what the hell was happening? or Is this even a college.?
After around 5 minutes, while they were still into a serious fight, I tried escape the whole scene but could not. And finally the saviour teacher came in asked all the people wearing either i-cards to move out and grabbed my wrist and took me straight to the office.
I was hell scared wondering what’s next! But, I guess, she had sensed that fear on my face, asked me if i wanted water to which i denied,  (though i was extremely thirsty in that hot weather, in fact anyone would be!) She then enquired me about what happened and how could she help me! Though that word ‘help’ reminded me of those i-card girls, i took a deep breath and told her i was there to get my admission done. And yes, this time she was truly an angel not like those i misinterpreted. And then, I marched from that office to another and then to some other and got my admission done within less than half an hour. Though the experience was weird yet memorable.
Every year the admission process is as confusing as it was then. And ofcourse, all the aspirants require some help or the other. So seek help from everyone but dont fall into either trap.
Here is a list of simple tips to keep in mind while you take help from either of the ‘help desks’:
• Dont trust blindly to whatever they say. Confirm each and every information from atleast one or two people. By this, I do not mean that they are willingly misguiding you but they too are students and may have incomplete information.
• As you approach or leave from any help desk, make sure you have all your documents.
• DO NOT hand over your original documents to any unknown person, no matter what issue he/she is claiming to solve.
• Beware of those demanding huge amounts for back-door admissions. DU doesn’t permit any such actions.
• Lastly, take help from all but do not fall into trap of any!
Best wishes to all the aspirants! Hope you all have a wonderful experience throughout your college life beginning from your very first day i.e, THE ADMISSION DAY!
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Sarah Iqbal
A student activist, enthusiast blogger, an imminent philosopher and a final year student of Lakshmibai College, Delhi University.


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