The Growing Cafe Trend

Delhi is rich in its culture and food as well. Delhi cafes have something to serve every pocket. A Cafe is a casual and elegant yet affordable meeting place for every group of friends, lovers or a formal meeting that offers good quality food and a great service. It offers us a wide range of best quality food and beverages at  affordable prices.
A list of some of the best cafes to hit in town-
Woodbox cafe
As its name suggests it actually looks like a box from outside a small, cozy, comfortable place. All the interiors are done with wood, with wooden stairs from the basement to the to rooftop. They have unique interior and décor like the thrown out beer bottles to serve drinks and a cycle based wash basin. The food is value for money, perfect in taste, offering a good experience to visitors.
wood box
Roast House Café 
A place where you can choose between dine sitting, lounge sitting or an open terrace sitting. Ambience is nicely setup to give it some rustic feel. The mark of a good cafe is not necessarily its size and ambiance, but quality of its food and generosity of its staff. The staff is extremely polite and they make sure to serve till you feel satisfied with what you have.
Dark House Kafe
Possesses the dark theme. The place has spooky interior, graffiti of ghosts and a cross embedded in a coffin. Decent food, light on the pocket and such a creative theme is all we expect when we decide to visit a café.
dark house
A small but delightful place which really have a scooter on the wall. One cannot resist the temptation of visiting this cafe. It is a pretty cool cafe with great décor, ambiance, food, and loud music. Its location opposite to the Venkateshwara College is the reason of queues outside the café.
scooter on the wal
The University campus’ have become a hub for cafés. What can be better than cool, comfortable place after a long, hectic lecture which serves your favourite food and pocket friendly too? Not only the campus’ but Rajouri garden, Gurgaon, Noida also have the coolest cafes which one cannot miss on a visit.

Jungle Jambroo

Truly goes by the name. Not so regular, it has a jungle and aquatic theme. Aqua cave, they have an aquarium placed along with a big mermaid figure to give you the aqua feel. The ambiance is just outstanding with birds chirping music, and food is simply awesome as well based on a seven course meal buffet.
jungle jambroo
Cafe Photoclub
The trend of selfies and capturing moments is the theme of this cafe.  A cafe with the theme of Click Click and Click. They have a selfie corner too, offering a selfie stick. Not so big but a well maintained place. They lice up to the expectations of food.


A café with a Portuguese theme, they strive to serve something very different. Black, red and white burgers are worth trying. The different cuisine stops it from being a regular food joint.
‘Art undeniably is conductive to happiness’; every place represents a different form of art. With dedicated staff members some places serve you a heaven in plates.

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