Teens Become the New Inspiration

As per the TOI, there are three “teen” Indian-origin students who have brought in new techniques and have inspired the world through their work and passion, Indian American- Kavya Kopparapu, Rishabh Jain and British-Indian Amika George.

Rishabh, an eighth grader, has developed an algorithm that can possibly be a cure to pancreatic cancer.

Teens Become the New Inspiration

Whereas, Kavya, a freshman in the Harvard University has developed a deep-learning computer system that can scan slides of tissue from brain cancer patients looking for differences in density, color, texture and cellular alignment that are unique to that particular person’s case.

While Amika’s goal is to convince policymakers to end “Period Poverty” as she calls it, by funding the distribution of menstrual products to girls and women who cannot afford them. She launched the FreePeriods campaign as a response, gathering nearly 200,000 signatures on her petition to help eradicate period poverty; the movement eventually garnered the support of over a dozen UK policymakers, galvanizing the government to allocate funds to the issue for the first time.

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