Return of Chipko Movement

Remember the Chipko Movement or Chipko Andolan which is started in 1973 in Uttarakhand?

This movement is meant for forest conversation where people protect trees from being cut. This was the non-violent movement and actually, it was successful. Through this movement, many people got to know the importance of trees and wild animals. The biggest outcome of this movement was, in 1980s Mrs Indira Gandhi posted 15 years ban on cutting down trees in the Himalayan forest in Uttrakhand.

Again, there is Return of Chipko Movement in South Delhi.

As we all know that there is a controversial re-development project by NBCC (National Building Construction Corporation).

This re-development project requires cutting of more than 14000 trees.

NBCC has been tasked with developing some of the South Delhi area’s colonies and it requires cutting of 1000 of trees.

“The environment impact assessment clearance for the projects shows that 11,000 out of 13,128 trees will be cut in Sarojini Nagar, 1,465 out of 1,513 in Nauroji Nagar, 3,033 out of 13,906 in Netaji Nagar and another 520 in Kasturba Nagar. RK Puram is also on the list but the figure has not been disclosed yet. ” by Soumya Pillai, Hindustan Times.

These 7 government colonies are in the re-developing list, NBCC is planning to re-develop these 7 government colonies in a multistory building and commercial office.

Fortunately, NGT (National Green Tribute) put a hold on the cutting of trees.

The reason is NBCC promised 10 saplings for every tree cut, but the local residents said that no site was found where new saplings were planned, also they said sapling would not replace fully grown trees.

Also, high court questioned that you want to cut thousands of trees for housing. Can Delhi afford this?”.

When NBCC realized that court inclined towards the stay. NBCC gave a statement that they will not cut down trees till 4th July.

Local residents of these areas came out to protect trees. They have pointed out the disadvantages of cutting trees. Like, cutting down of trees will decrease the air quality and also impact the health of the local residents.

Is this really important to cut down trees for re-development?

Trees are an important part of our life, they are the source of oxygen and production of rains.

God has given us such a beautiful nature and there are people who are continuously trying to destroy such an important resource. Trees are the “Green Gold” on the earth. We should understand the importance of trees and other natural resources. Trees are the source of Health and Wealth.

Almost all industries depend on trees like paper, rubber, medicine, food, shelter etc. somehow they are the source of money too. And most importantly they prevent pollution and this is the biggest problem in Delhi.

By knowing the importance of trees in our life we should respect and save trees in order to save life and environment.

Again it’s time for Chipko Movement we need to step forward to save Green Gold for our present and future lives.

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