India’s rank amongst most dangerous countries


India-The land known for worshiping Durga. Since ages India has been a feminine country.But,when the recent surveys are glanced at,all of this turns out to be vague just in a jiffy. The recent survey conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation surveyed 550 experts on women’s issues.The results were unbelievable enough.India has been ranked as the World’s most dangerous country for women due to the high and exaggerated risk of violence on sexual grounds and slave labour, as per the report published by a poll of experts on a global level, dated 26 june’2018.
There were several countries too like Afghanistan and Syria ranked as second and third in the survey.The fourth and fifth positions went to Somalia and Saudi Arabia.To our utter amazement,war devastated and the male dominated countries like Afghanistan and Arabia too were below India.This is an open card evident enough of the prevailing conditions of India.
Also,coming to the western nations,only nation was US  in top 10,which stands on 3rd position concerning it’s devastation through sexual violence.
This was not the first time such an issue came to light,rather it was a repetition to the previous survey conducted in 2011,which claimed these same countries to be the most dangerous for women with an inclusion of Democratic Republic of Congo.
The government data shows such cases of sexual violence have rose by 83% over the period between 2007 and 2016.
Of course, the stagnancy of position and an increment in the percentage shows that no steps are being taken for it’s improvement,let alone a massive change.
Also, countries like Syria, Afghanistan have their situations aggravated.Afghanistan’s Public Health Minister Ferozuddin Feroz said-“the deteriorating security situation is making life difficult for women with large parts of the country still under Taliban’s control even after 17 years of war.”

The matter of concern is that those countries are acceptable of the prevailing situations of their country, much unlike India.The Indian ministry of Women and Child Development has declined to comment on the same. The question is  how will we be able to solve the problems when we are not ready to accept that they are present! Thou, massive improvement is a far fetched dream right now but still let’s all come forward instead of keeping mum and act bravely against such things, for the #MeToo campaign is an ant to the elephant of sexual ravishment in India!!
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Isha Surabhi
A slam poetess, writer and an avid reader. Presently serving as the President of Literary Society of RLA college and the Student Representative of Career Placement Cell, RLA, Delhi University.


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