Remind Yourself with these Empowering Affirmations

Sitting and regretting what you did wouldn't make a difference as much it would when you realize and start working again.

You Are Enough by Jill Mars on Dribbble
What do you think you do when things go wrong or just get out of your hand? Are you pessimistic or take things in an optimistic way and search for a way to make it right. It causes you stress, and due to this it can change your thoughts sometimes and make you overthink, may be upon yourself or the situation. But, none can judge that but you. Sitting and regretting what you did wouldn’t make a difference as much it would when you realize and start working again. For this thought to be always positive your days need to be positive as well. A thought daily into your head in the morning can make you feel energetic. So, for that here are some Empowering Affirmations you need to get into your head to make it work.

1. I’M ENOUGH : Remind yourself, the most important thing for you to understand is that yes, you are enough for yourself. You may or may not always need somebody by your side but you do need have yourself by your side.

2.I’M FEARLESS : Remind yourself, that everybody has a fear inside them, not everybody tackles it. This fear holds you back and doesn’t let you do anything but you need yourself to overcome this unless you’ll be stuck in a loophole of should I or shouldn’t I and then never be able to do anything. Risks are important as well.

3. I CHOOSE WHAT I BECOME : Remind yourself, It is very important to choose what you become otherwise the society would make you what you don’t want to and then you’ll have to live a compromising life and will never be happy. You choose to be happy not expect anyone to make you. After all its your life, you give it in somebody else’s hand, they’ll destroy it to come above you. But only you can take care of that.

4. I WAS NOT MADE TO GIVE UP : Remind yourself, Sometimes it feels like giving up but you don’t have to. Sometimes it feels like you’ve done enough and you can’t do anything more. But, until you actually reach your goal, it’s never gonna be enough. Giving up would simply mean giving up on your dreams and aspirations with what you’ve come so far and all the struggle goes in vain.

5. I KNOW MY WORTH : Remind yourself, The day you decide your worth there’s no one else in this world who can degrade that. It’s you who has to decide how worthy enough you are to your own dreams, struggles and success. You can’t let it go or yourself even. If somebody else is deciding your worth, it surely is gonna be below than what it is.

6. I WINK AT A CHALLENGE : Remind yourself, Life is all about new challenges everyday, every minute and every second. There’s no escape from it and neither can you decide not to do it. You have to so why not accept it whole heartedly, wink at it and say Let’s do this. I can do this. Challenge the challenge that is challenging you.

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