Open letter to BCI by Adv. Satyam Singh Rajput for concession on fees for the students

Recently, Advocate Satyam Singh Rajput, Supreme Court of India wrote an open letter to Bar Council of India. He showed his concern and asked for a concession on the fees of the law students of Private and unaided universities.
During this pandemic situation, People are financial difficulties. Due to Lockdown, the flow of income has partially stopped and people are hardly able to meet the basic needs. In this situation, colleges and universities are asking for semester fees from the students. Advocate Satyam Singh Rajput found it very un-ethical and asked the colleges and universities to provide concession as parents are not able to pay the fees being demanded to them.
In the letter he also stated about all the warnings being given to students from Colleges and Universities which he got to know from the students.
Colleges are demanding students to pay the fees as soon as possible or else they won’t be allowed to attend classes, their results will be with-held, students won’t be allowed to appear in last term exam and admission can also be canceled.
Keeping all this in mind Advocate Satyam Singh Rajput wrote a letter to the Chairman of Bar Council of India asking for the concession on fees for law students. The letter was signed by Adv. Amit Kumar Sharma, Adv. Shivam Singh, Adv Arti Singh, Prateek Sharma ( DU’s final year student), Diksha Dadu ( 3rd Year student of Amity University).
Advocate Satyam Singh Rajput is asking BCI’s Chairman to look into this matter as soon as possible so the students won’t get deprived of their rights and needs.

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