Here are some lessons from Mahabharat and reasons why you should start binge it.

Mahabharat, a Hindu tale which we all must have heard or watched at some point in time. If you haven’t watched it then here are the reasons you must watch or read this tale. Before this let’s know the summary of Mahabharat.

This tale is all about “Dharma” and “Adharam” which simply means moral and immoral. It revolves around a family and how the situations lead to “Mahabharat”. Story about Justice, story about your blood relations can be your biggest enemies, and how Pandavas followed the path of “dharma” no matter in which situation they were in and how they managed to defeat 101 Kauravas and their army with the guidance of Lord Krishna.

It also consists of the lessons been taught in the Hindu Holy book “Geeta”.

So here are the lessons been taught in this tale ;

  1. How your company influences you:  Shakuni Mama,  Kaurava’s uncle had a bad influence on them which only taught them all the hatred and bad tricks whereas Pandavas was under Lord Krishna’s influence who guided them the path of “dharma” and lead them to the path of Victory.So, choose your company wisely, it leaves a huge impact on your personality, decisions, and your future life.
  2. Supporting a wrong person will lead to bad consequences even if you are morally right: Karana (Surya Putra) who also choose the path of Dharma, who was one of the best warriors and who met to his end because he supported Kauravas, who were morally wrong. So, Even if you are good at your skills and a good human but supports a wrong side then you will probably fail
  3. Never give up easily, fight till the end:  Abhimanyu ( Arjuna’s Putra) entered the Chakarvyu created by Kauravas in the absence of ArjunaAbhimanyu fought till his breath but died as he didn’t know how to get out of that Chakarvyu.So, no matter how hard the situation is, one should never and should keep on fighting till his/her last breath.
  4. Overconfidence can ruin a lot of things: Another lesson to be learned from above Abhimanyu’s story is of overconfidence. He learned the skill of entering into the Chakarvyu but not the skill of exiting the same. He entered the Chakarvyu because of his overconfidence and died. So, don’t rush into anything and learn whatever you are learning properly rather than just being overconfident and ruin everything.
  5. Greed, a never-ending desire which can lead to the end of everything: Mahabharata happened because of the greed of Pandavas, even though Shakuni Mama had full control over the dices and made Kauravas won the game by cheating but it was Pandavas greed which made them placing their wife, their whole assets on the bet. Greed can never be satisfied, it only keeps increasing. Greed for more can make a person take wrong decisions and face the consequences later.
  6. Focus on your goals: Arjuna had his focus on the eye of fish only, it was his goal to marry Draupadi in her Swyamvar. He didn’t get distracted and kept his focus on the eye of fish and ended up marrying Draupadi.One should focus on his/her goals and not get distracted. Focus and concentration will lead to your goals.
  7. Sometimes you have to fight with your own family, your loved ones and stand against them if they are on the wrong side: Kauravas army includes a number of people whom Arjuna admired and respected but they were supporting the wrong side, the Kauravas side hence he had to stand against them and fight with them.So, no matter who is your who, if they are wrong then you have to stand against them and speak up for what’s right.


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