Quarantine Cooking: Easy ways to bring out the chef in you

In these tough times where there is a total shut down of all our entertainment and food facilities, students have been bringing out the chefs in them so as to satisfy their food cravings.
Missing the times when everyone used to go out to that favourite cafe in Satyaniketan and Hudson Lane after the classes, it has now become just a memory which is now uncertain for everyone to experience it again.

However the young creative minds haven’t backed off, instead, taken a step forward to satisfy their gourmet cravings at homes by trying on different recipes and new dishes everyday.

Here we bring some suggestions of mouth watering dishes that you can try at home all by yourselves and please your taste buds.

1. Bread Pizzas

Quarantine Cooking

Buying a pizza so often is a costly affair, so why not make your own pizza that too a lot healthier, because, as the name suggests, the base of your pizza here is a normal bread. A lot easier to make with easily available ingredients, you can have your favourite dish anytime you want.

2. Flavoured Pancakes

Quarantine Cooking

One of the easiest and delectable food item, which is sweet in taste is a must try. Easily available ingredients, you can make your own different flavoured pancakes at home in a short time and enjoy it with your family.

3. Twice baked potatoes

Potatoes are always filling and tasty. Easy to make, twice baked potatoes is definitely something you should try in this quarantine period. Everyone is a fan of fries, but experimenting with potatoes in different ways is what truly brings out a chef in you. This dish might take a little time to be ready, but is very filling, tasty and definitely worth all the wait and effort.

4. Dalgona Coffee

One of the trending beverages over all of social media, dalgona coffee is an easy to make item that can be made with the most basic ingredients that are used everyday. For all the coffee lovers out there, check out amazing ways to make your favourite coffee and bring back that tasteful vibe you’ve been waiting for.

5. Mango Dessert

Finally it’s the mango season! And what could be better than making the refreshing mango dessert to satisfy your mango cravings. Bursting with summer flavours, mango comes with its own taste and nature. So for all the mango lovers out there, this one is surely your kind of dish to try.

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