DU’s proposal to conduct an open book examination for final year students has met with an objection from students

open book examination

In accordance with the UGC guidelines, Delhi University has taken into consideration the proposal to conduct an online open book; take home examination for the final year students in both regular colleges and SOL and NCWEB.

The letter written by the Dean Examinations, Vinay Gupta has detailed the guidelines for the examinations. The letter addressed to the HODs states that, “The University is actively considering the option of the conduct of open book; tale home examination for students of final year of all streams i.e. of regular, SOL and NCWEB. The students will be provided with question paper which will have to be downloaded. It will be of a 2 hours duration. One additional hour would be given for downloading the question paper, scanning of answer sheets and uploading the answer sheets on the portal.”

The open book examination will allow students to refer to their class notes, books and online study materials.

The open book examination has aroused an opposition from teachers and Deans. Deans consider this kind of approach as “practically impossible” and “not feasible”. Teachers raised an objection against this system as a large portion of students struggle with poor connectivity and a lack of access to study materials. National Students Union of India(NSUI) has also opposed to this proposal. “Due to lack of proper resources, students have faced a difficulty in understanding various concepts and topics in the syllabus. Many students could not attend the classes due to lack of resources like mobile phones or laptop,” the largest student democracy body of India has said.

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