Online Examinations : A dilemma for Students

Online Examinations

The Examination Cell of the University  of Delhi, On Thursday 14th May, 2020 issued a circular in which, Online Examinations were proposed for all the students.

But conducting online examination on such a large scale is not an easy task. Also Online Exams at this point, When Internet is not even properly available in many parts of the nation such as Kashmir where only 2G services were restored. So it’ll be very difficult for Kashmiri Students of the varsity to attempt these exams. Also lack of infrastructure among students is another hurdle towards these exams. A lot of Students don’t have proper facilities such as PC, Laptop or even a good quality smartphone to attend the exams virtually. The worst nightmare is for the students who are having Practical Examinations since remotely conducting practical examinations is a very difficult task and there is no alternative to actual Lab Work.

The eagerness of the varsity towards conducting exams, also brings out the drawbacks of our education system. Most outstation students don’t have books at this instant, how does the idea of conducting open book exams justify itself. Even the syllabus isn’t  entirely covered by teachers, since there was no proper availability of online classes for a lot of students. Even a recent survey conducted by All India Students Association (AISA), suggests that more than 75% students of the varsity won’t be able to attempt online exams. So what’s the point in holding online exams when a majority of student will not be able to attend.

Delhi University needs to seriously rethink upon its idea of Exams and also suggestions should be invited from the students to make the process more transparent since students are the one who will deal with the outcome. The views and opinions of students shall be taken into consideration while deciding any way for conducting Examinations.

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