Wanna Do Psychology Honours? Indraprastha College for Women has got the best faculty!

“Studying Psychology is fun because you’re always looking for the same things. I think ones a writer should be looking for, which is the story behind the story.”

-Chris Cleave

First Cut off 2019- Highest 97.5%  & lowest  95% ( ufff… quite high)

(apni pooja jaari rakho, kya pata bhagwan sun lein tumhari) LOL !

Psychology Honours & Indraprastha College for Women  go hand in hand. It became the first Women’s college to introduce a 3- year Psychology Honours Prog. in 1960.It is the first preference by students all over India for Psychology Honours due to its mention in the list of top colleges for Psychology Honours. It has got the best faculty in Psychology. Psychology is lauded as one of the finest departments of the college & it is known for producing University toppers

Too philosophical ? Bear with me.After all, It is really important for you to know about the best colleges for your desired course (vese bhi pura din memes hi dekh kar time waste karte ho)Now, don’t say my time is my time none of your time LOL!


The Department has state-of-art infrastructure comprising four spacious and well-equipped labs (Lab I, Lab II and Lab III). The fourth lab is a Computer lab, which facilitates the students to conduct experiments and tests using computers. The labs are fully equipped with the latest materials that enable the students to conduct new and innovative experiments and tests in the field of Psychology. The Department also has a small in-house library with some of the best books in Delhi University frequently used by the students.



Actually, so much !

  • Best faculty for Psychology in Delhi University
  • Small-in- house library especially for the students pursuing Psychology Honours. Plus pointSome of the books are exclusively available only in this college.
  • 4 fully equipped labs
  • High success rate & Notable Alumni, Department’s alumnae have made their mark in the field of counseling, education and research, human resource development, social work and civil services.
  • Amazing opportunities provided by the college to the students such as: The Community Outreach Project on “PSYCHOLOGICAL AID  FOR UNDERTRIAL  ”  The project was conducted at Jail no. 6, Tihar jail, in collaboration with Delhi Prisons and International Bridges to Justice. The project aimed at the application of psychological knowledge and skills by the students to enable the undertrials seek a fair and efficient representation in the legal processes. With this community Project Psychology Department of Indraprastha College became the one & only to provide this brilliant exposure to the students.

Psychology Honours students being felicitated by Additional Inspector General, Sh. Raj Kumar, during the Valedictory Session held on 22nd November 2017


Psychological Aid for Undertrial Prisoners: A Community Outreach Project team



  • Poorva Parasar bagged First prize in the Paper Presentation on topic- “Existentialism and the Internet meme”, selected in LSR’s journal, ‘The learning Curve’
  • Akansha Marwah, Noyonika Gupta, Srishti Bajoria were awarded the best Undergrad Paper (International Competition)
  • Akshita Bhat, Neelambari Bhattacharya, awarded the most Outstanding Paper award at University Level competitions

Apart from the above, the girls of Psychology Honours (Indraprastha College for Women) have made a mark in many National and International Competitions. Indeed, this proves that It is one of the best colleges for Psychology Honours in DU, keeping in mind the plethora of opportunities it provides to its students. This is not only applicable to Psychology Honours, but to all other courses. The remarkable achievements of Ipians say it all!

So, now we’ll brief you about the career opportunities after doing Psychology Honours. Since, you’ll be a future psychologist you will be capable to work in a no. of different settings. Clinical Psychology is really an interesting field to work in. As you know that nowadays due to the work load & high levels of stress the cases of depression are mushrooming. In such a situation, only a therapist can heal in the best possible manner. You may go for Counselling/ Research/Think tanks/ forensic psychologist or Education field as a professor also, ( pasand aaya inme se koi,itna kya soch rahe ho, shopping nahi karne aaye ho)

btw Forensic psychologist sounds really cool.

Alrighttt, Choose the best one for yourself …

With this we are finally done with the philosophical part. Haha. You guys are the best audience. Thanks for listening to this lecture. LOL.

DU Times wishes you all the best & we hope you get in the college of your choice. Thank you for reading. Tag your friends in the comments sections & tell us if you liked the post. Feedbacks from our readers are always welcome. Have a great day!

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