Perks of Reading

We have often come across a famous quote “Books are a man’s best friend”, which is very true indeed. Only a passionate reader can understand what reading actually does to a person. It is the reason behind the change in the perspective of a person. Reading gives you infinite pleasure, such pleasure is the one you can compare with a pearl in an oyster. Reading not only comprises of novel reading but all sorts of short and long readings. When you read a book with all your heart and mind you feel indulged with the book and probably see the story sprinting in front of your eyes. It clears all our prejudices and helps us become better human beings. Reading brings beauty in our vision to life. Once you are engrossed in book, everything vanishes around you.


It is also scientifically proven that reading sharpens your mental skills, yes it does. Books are trustworthy comrades, they never disappoint you and the knowledge that you extract from them never goes in vain. It also increases your vocabulary to a great extent.


We live in a world of enthusiastic writers all around. There are number of writers and and an even more immense number of books which obviously make our selection of books strenuous. The thing is until you meet your perfect book you will not have that holy grail thing regarding reading. Once you read a perfect book, you will thrive for more. The pleasure that reading gives us is offered nowhere else. It not only brings us knowledge but is a bunch of anxiety, mystery, secrets, thrills and chills.

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A true reader knows that reading is no less than a roller coaster ride. Once you are into it you realize what lacked in your life. Reading gives your life a new sunshine. A person who reads is a lot more knowledgeable, witty and smart than a non reader. So to the non readers, are you ready for the ride? I would suggest start with ‘The Secret’. You will definitely feel the change in you.

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