The Feminism Challenge

Welcome to the beginning of feminine era. So welcome baby girl! You are all set to rule and kick this world indeed. You have right to cry, stand out of queues, get sympathy from everyone and oh yes! Don’t stand while reading this, just snatch a seat from a man sitting beside you. So isn’t it a true scenario now a days? Well yes, it is to an extent. We can see girls all around. And Delhi especially comes with a security pack for girls . With all metro coaches reserved for women to police and security forces geared in their forms to protect them. Even Separate security checks and token preferences in metro lines.


Well yes ,with all the recent harassment cases that came up and are still taking place, the world has started perceiving Delhi as the crime capital and hence grossly unsafe. A small percentage of evil people are showing up and taking around the world a bad face for Delhi but as one looks deep into it one realises that Delhi, other metropolitan cities and even towns are becoming woman oriented. Apart from  criticising the government, we need to look into the positive side of what our country is providing to our goddesses. From quotas to women to other various privileges, they are on their toes, apart from the various curative legislations passes to protect their rights and to a give them reliefs of various kinds.




We have sections for abuses, dowry, harassment etc but the main problem which is popping up is the misuse of these sections by some girls who give feminism a bad name, resulting in some genuine cases who are not guilty which come up, but these things overshadow them.
Of course we need to eliminate those happenings against women community but still we cannot ignore the progressive steps taken by government and indian community for equality and security of women.

So in a nutshell, we need no female domination and so is the case with males.


What we need is harmonious and cooperativeness between the two sexes so as to make this world a better place to live in for both these creatures where no one tries to overpower other. After all, equality of all and superiority of none is the true meaning of feminism and it’s ultimate aim.

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