Panic and Pandemic

  • Mental Health Crisis

As they say ,” Its not water outside the ship, but water inside the ship which drowns it.” Similarly its not the panic situation outside our home, but the panic situation inside our home which can deteriorate us mentally. We know how to take precautions and not let the virus go inside our body. But how will we prevent the virus from going into our minds is the most important question.

There can be a few ways through which we can avoid thinking only and only about the pandemic. Lockdown situation is the very first time that all of us have got some ME TIME to spend. So, why waste it by occupying our mind with just one thought. Reading the books we always wanted to, watching the movies that we couldn’t, cooking the dishes that we cannot eat outside are just a few activities we can indulge into and bring out the best out of us.

Basically, exploring the hidden side of us should be our target. Once the things will return back to normal, all of us will indulge into the same Rat Race behavior that we earlier were into. And when we know that the unlocking has started and we can receive a call from our workplaces to join back again anytime, then why to waste the days left by just thinking and getting upset about the conditions.

Being aware and taking necessary precautions is a priority for all of us to keep ourselves and our families safe. But that doesn’t imply being stressed and depressed about the pandemic. It is affecting people mentally more than physically.

An assurance that we need to give ourselves is that our Government, Scientists and the Corona Warriors are doing their best to get rid of the virus. What we can do is to take the precautions and avoid panic situations. Because if we take the necessary steps, the virus cannot reach us.

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Vidhi Jain is an enthusiastic writer who never drops a chance to write. Self contentment and calmness are her strengths which always motivate her to leave no stone unturned in her work. She presently is doing her graduation from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.


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