Delhi University Students’ Union Demands Special Financial Package

Delhi University Student’s Union (DUSU) has demanded special package from the Delhi Chief Ministe (CM), Arvind Kejriwal. Additionally, the package is for the benefit of students. Furthermore, they desire policies so as to ease things for students living as tenants in the city.

DUSU expressed concern regarding payment of rent. DUSU along with 128 other college reprensentatives have asked the CM to intervene in the matter. Moreover, they have brought into picture the plight of students living as paying guests (PG) or in rented flats. The PG’s still demand rent despite announcements made by the government. Such students are asked either to pay the rent or else they will have to vacant the same. This is happening amidst the lockdown. Most of these students are in their hometown as of now. Yet they are asked to take their belongings and leave.


Special package demanded from Delhi CM
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DUSU has asked the CM to release policies to make it easy for such students by writing the letter to the Chief Minister. The same was issued by DUSU on June 4. Furthermore, a special package was demanded for such students as concession. And this money should be directly transferred to their accounts.

Akshat Dahiya, the President of DUSU also expressed his concern regarding the same. He stated, ” Since DUSU is a student-friendly and responsible platorm, it is our duty to provide relief to students”. He further added, ” DUSU has asked the government to intervene in the matter. We have further appealed the state government to provide with financial package. We are looking forward to the decision of the Chief Minister.”

The Student Tenants’ Union, Delhi had earlier brought attention to this issue. The same conducted a survey, which mentioned around 1069 students living as tenants in the city. Out of this 69.3 per cent reported being forced to pay rent during lockdown.


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