Lockdown 4.0 : PM addressed the nation tonight, declares 20 lakh crore package

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation tonight at 8PM. As soon as his speech started, memes started rolling in and people started discussing lockdown 4.0. What is lockdown 4.0? What are the other crucial things he talked about? Here are the highlights of speech in case you missed it out.

Image source : The economic times

Yesterday, PM modi held a six hour long meeting with Chief ministers of states on plans post 17 May. The current nationwide lockdown is due to end on 17th of May.

The two crucial points of his speech were as follows :

1) Lockdown 4.0
The Prime minister announced lockdown 4.0 after May 17, which would be special and completely different, with new rules.

He said that in Lockdown 4.0, we will wear masks, fight the virus and move forward. This will be based on suggestions by the state, details of which will be informed after 18th May.

2) Mission Self Reliant India
The Prime Minister announced a 20 lakh crore rupees economic package to deal with the Coronavirus crisis. 20 lakh crore is 10% of India’s GDP. This will help make India self reliant. The package will be for sectors in which crores depend for livelihood. Farmers, MSMEs, Indian Industry etc. Finance Minister Normal Sitharaman will Inform in detail from tomorrow.

In his speech, he talked about India’s resolve, power and competence in the world and in dealing with the crisis. He emphasizes on how self reliance is the only way out of this crisis. He claims about how India has turned this crisis into an opportunity. To explain he gave the example of how when the crisis started, not a single PPE kit was made in India and N-95 masks were produced in negligible numbers. Today in India, 2 lakh PPE Kits and 2 lakh N-95 masks are produced.

India can become self-reliant. This would be based on 5 pillars:
a) Economy: An economy that takes quantum jumps and not incremental gains.
b) Infrastructure: Infrastructure is synonymous with a modern India.
c) Our system: A system that helps us realise dreams, which is based on tech-driven facilities.
d) Demography: Vibrant demography our strength.
e) Demand: The demand and supply chain, we need to utilise the potential. We need to increase demand in the nation. Each stakeholder must be active.

He wants to make sure that the crisis affects agriculture in the least possible manner. He wants to enhance human resources and financially strengthen them. These reforms will attract investment and help make in India.

India also needs to compete for a place in the global supply chain. Keeping this mind, various provisions have been made which will increase efficiency across sectors.

He acknowledged the sacrifice of hawkers, workers and helps, who have faced difficulty in this time. He says it’s our duty to work in their interests, and thus, certain key announcements will be made, for the poor, workers, be it fisherman, from the formal or informal sector.

He said we need to realize the importance of the local supply chain. Local met our demands and saved us. He said it’s time to be vocal for local. We need to buy local products. He supported this by saying that he recollects that he had asked citizens to buy khadi and to support handloom workers; and in a short time, demand and sales touched record levels. We made it into a big brand.

He concludes his speech by saying how much he believes in the strength of 1.3 billion people of the nation. We will move ahead with strength and determination. We will make India self reliant. With faith and hope, he urged citizens to take care of their health and the ones around them.

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