Delhi University considering to conduct open-book examination for 3rd year students

After Mumbai University, Delhi University is thinking of conducting online, open-book exams for Third-year students whereas to pass First and Second-year students based on their previous year examinations scores and based on the scores of their internals. The examination committee put out this idea in their previous meeting but was opposed by several members.

open-book examination
In March 2020, Delhi University postponed examination till their further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic condition.
As per a member of the committee, Delhi University
have around 9,00,000 students including SOL (School of open learning) and NCWEB ( Non-collegiate women’s education board) students out of which above 2,00,000 are of 3rd-year students. Now, they will need their report card for their further masters or job so, Delhi University is thinking of conducting exams for 3rd-year students online.
Another official explained the open book concept and opposed the idea of the open-book exam by explaining that the students are promoted further on the basis of the understanding of the concept whereas open book examination will not justify the idea so Delhi University is still considering this idea.
Other Universities such as JAMIA, JNU released their revised academic calendar stating admission process and examination details.
Delhi University Dean said they need some more time to think about the ways of conducting exams. While Delhi University’s Vice-Chancellor stated that both teachers and students are struggling with the current situation and online classes. For online examination, different kind of question paper needs to be formed which is new for teachers as well as students, and no one is trained for that.
Some teachers also suggested promoting 3rd based on UGC recommendation.
Another point was put up in the meeting that several students live in rural areas and might not have access to the internet so conducting online exams won’t be suitable for them and not conducting exams for 1st and 2nd-year students will be unfair for them. Hence, Delhi University should conduct exams only when the situation comes under control.
Delhi University is still considering different ways of conducting exams and is still needed to come to a conclusion.

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