How are cut-offs decided?

As we all know, CBSE declared its class 12th results on Friday, 30th July and so a tea over Delhi University’s cut-off is mandatory.

How are cut-offs decided?

Algorithm (?)

Most of the students tend to believe that the cut-offs are decided based on some algorithmic procedures and the percentages are decided to depending upon which, students calculate their best of five scores and apply for different colleges.

Instead, there’s a panel in every college for each department comprising various professors and lecturers. These panels study the no. of forms filled by students while registrations and have a rough idea over it, then they consult professors from other colleges and departments and get a vague idea over expected cut-offs of different colleges. Keeping these two generalized ideas in mind, the panel “predicts” scores most close to perfect and then set them out as their cut-off criteria. So, it’s simply based on predictions and not algorithms.

One Insightful fact about the admission procedures is that the colleges have to accommodate all the students that apply post the cut-offs.

Now the biggest drawback of this Panel-Prediction-Procedure is that it comes with the great dilemma of scores; If the panel predicts low scores, It has to accommodate all the students who’ve cleared the cut-offs. And if they predict high scores, then the seats are left vacant, leaving great losses to the faculty.

For example -in 2017 the first cut off for Physics HONS in Hindu was 97.6 for general and the seats were around 70 but they gave admission to 110 students in the first cut off as all the students cleared the cut-off and in 2018 the cut off was 98.3 and just 30–40 admission were taken under the first cut off

Facts > Fiction

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