Goodbye Hostels, DU Welcomes CoHo Dorms!


Getting into a college of choice is a big deal for any student but what’s bigger than that is finding a place to live for the most amazing years of your life.

Since time unknown college students have cursed living in dingy cells called ‘hostels’ and ‘PGs’ with crappy food, filthy surroundings and no signs of Wi-Fi or AC. There is an old joke, “a grandfather while looking into his grandson’s DU hostel room can still say nothing has changed.”

Where Delhi University’s students are killing it at state, national and international level by leveraging the internet of things, there physical infrastructural needs are far from being catered. In this time of atrocity, when orders have been issued by Delhi High Court concerning the issue of rent regulation and hostel accommodations, CoHo dorms come to the rescue of one and all.

Dorms sound cool, don’t they? Well, CoHo Dorms are the coolest. They have AC FYI.


CoHo Dorms are a one of a kind initiative by to provide state-of-the-art rental accommodations for college students to live and not just exist. With fully-furnished and fully-maintained rooms and a common lounge area to play (did someone just say gaming nights?), sing and dance with your roomies, CoHo Dorms are the idealistic place to spend the most amazing years of your college life. Already planning to have your college society’s practise session in CoHo Dorms, eh?


The rent including AC, 24/7 High-Speed Internet, Wholesome Meals starts from INR 10,000. Loving it already? Well, there’s a lot more.

Remember you putting posters of fan art on your walls, doing endless efforts to find the right fit for your room décor. In CoHo Dorms you need not even worry about that. With vibrant colours and thematic photo frames on the wall, guitar on the couch, drums on the floor, PlayStation on the desk, CoHo is an undergrad’s wildest fantasy come true.

CoHo also understands that you’re tempted to go to the best restaurants in Hudson Lane and Satyaniketan Market despite being always broke. There amazing list of privilege partners which includes like foodpanda, Pizza Hut, Beer Café and a ton more are right at your service to provide you with all the discounts that you will ever need. Shh, it is only for CoHo residents. Mamma Mia!

coho2Oh, and with all the fun, sorry we forgot to mention the study part. Well CoHo Dorms are on top of that too. They are offering study areas where you can be with your nerdy self and even brain storm with fellow students. You have to see the space they provide you to make your personal library. Stock them all, niggas! (Eh, giving you Game of Thrones and Hip Hop vibes already?


Well now you must be wondering, exactly how far will they be from my college campus? Hmm, trust us on that, you will shy away from even calling it walking distance.

The best part is it is open to all the graduates. You no longer have to curse the DU system of assigning hostels, CoHo Dorms are here to serve you. Not just this, they have also tied up with Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), SOIL, Hansraj, Hindu, Ramjas and Kirori Mal and are soon coming to your college too. So no need to suit up, just relax and let CoHo redefine the way every college student lives!


Gineet Makhija| Content Writer| DU Times

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