Gene Editing and its Promising Benefits

Gene Editing and Its Promising Benefits

What is Gene Editing?

Gene editing modulates the instructions of the human body. Gene is like a manual that helps us to work and conceive. The exhilarating discovery of gene editing is, reframing the available information that is non-conductive to good health by cutting the mutated site in the DNA sequence. 

By swapping out defective genes with a functional one, people can shield themselves from hereditary diseases. The latest findings in research show that gene editing can be introduced into the genetic material of newborns. This enables pinpointing the wrongly written gene script in the onset phase, aiding the child to develop strong health from the beginning.

Gene Editing in Curing Genetic Disease: 

Genetic editing facilitates in curing of genetic diseases by identifying the specific gene responsible for the condition. For example, sickle cell anaemia is a hereditary disease which is caused by the HBB gene hence producing red blood cells with stiffness. 

Usually, the shape of red blood cells is disc-shaped. The patient with sickle cell anaemia will have sickle-shaped cells causing sickle cell anaemia. Moreover, it can be passed down from parents to children.

In this condition, gene editing methods like CRISPR-CAS9 help in identifying the specific DNA sequence and the exact place of mutation by using molecular scissors or Cas9 enzymes. This enzyme cuts the mutated area in the sequence and replaces it with the correct one hence offering relief to the patient. Furthermore, it helps in producing normal red blood cells to reduce the symptoms of sickle cell anaemia.

Gene Editing in Agriculture:

This gene editing technique can be traced back to the early 2010s.  Employing CRISPR-Cas9 in agriculture promotes healthy crops with improved immunity. Furthermore, this plays an important role in cultivating nutrition-rich crops. The enzyme that is created using this technique works like scissors that revamp and refine the gene easily. 

Genetically modified crops are designed in a way that they can withstand drought conditions and water scarcity. This also offers a lending hand in reducing the demand for pesticides. For instance, golden rice is made using a gene editing technique, which is created in a manner that incorporates beta-carotene in large amounts.

The main purpose of producing golden rice is to address vitamin A deficiency. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A when consumed by people. This issue is common in areas where rice is a primary intake. Gene editing helps in producing golden rice thereby reducing the deficiencies by simply adding nutrition to the crops.

Gene editing for sustainable ecosystem:

Ecosystem encompasses plants, animals and every other living organism. A healthy ecosystem provides a sustainable environment. While each being supports the environment in a distinct way. Gene editing helps in fixing ecosystems by lending a hand to save endangered species. Due to changing weather, many species face challenges and their life has been in danger. 

Gene editing helps in modifying the genes to tackle the current situation and make them immune to changing climates. By enhancing gene technology we can save endangered species and provide a sustainable ecosystem.

Gene Modulation in Biotechnology:

Various diseases can be treated by using gene modulation. People with diabetes either lose the capability of producing insulin on their own or they are incapable of using the insulin properly. Scientists found the bacteria named Escherichia coli and added human genes to it. This bacteria produces insulin that is similar to the insulin produced by the human body. 

In the past, insulin was extracted from animals like cows or pigs, this is an expensive technique. Additionally, this creates allergic conditions in certain people. Gene editing finds a solution by editing the genes of a bacteria to produce insulin that the human body accepts.

Furthermore, gene editing helps in creating bacteria that formulate enzymes that are essential for the conversion of plant material into ethanol. These enzymes aid in breaking complex substances like sugar into simpler substances like ethanol and carbon dioxide. Gene engineering helps in producing ample ethanol quantities.

Gene editing and bioplastic production:

Scientists use gene editing in bacteria to produce enzymes that convert substances into bioplastics. Nature Works is a company that manufactures biodegradable plastics by adjusting the genes of bacteria.

Bioplastics have numerous utilizations in the ecosystem. They play a pivotal role in mitigating plastic pollution. As bioplastics are withdrawn from sugarcane or corn, this supports warding off plastic waste and resulting in safeguarding the environment.

Future of Genetic Engineering:

The progressing technology that was on the verge of blooming has many alluring advantages down the line. Now it has been used in rehabilitating certain specific diseases. Nevertheless, onward, it will step up to the next level and create a path for distinctive solutions.

We have observed the promising utilizations in the agricultural sector. From crafting crops that hold enormous nutrients the human body needs to managing healthy crops can now be achieved. Additionally, it helps in shielding the crops from pests and diseases. Over time, this will give rise to food security and provide the crop with the ability to withstand diverse climate changes and droughts.

Plastics can be swapped completely for eco-friendly substances which restore ecosystems and strengthen sustainable resources. Additionally, it can be valuable in producing biofuels to diminish the consequences on the environment.

In conclusion, this technique requires strengthening the public consciousness via planned awareness initiatives. Gaining clear comprehension will instil an optimistic viewpoint. This gives easy access to the information related to gene editing and its benefits. Gene manipulation has many projected benefits that are still in the development phase. We need to wait until the next price of information gets unleashed.


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