Four comfortable yet chic outfits that can be worn to college

Hey there! Do you want to wear a chic yet comfortable outfit to college? If yes, I’m here to share a few ideas with y’all. Here are some outfits that will look extremely classy and at the same time, are extremely comfortable. So, let’s check em out, shall we?

1. Cape and Jeans

Do you feel like wearing something that has comfort and elegance? Well then, go for a cape! They’re extremely versatile. Why? Well, because they’re comfortable, stylish and can be worn in any season! Winters or summers, you can wear them whenever you feel like. You can wear a cape with a camisole, skinny jeans and closed toe sandals or even boots (depending on the season).

As far as earrings are concerned, try out silver hoops. And of course, my favourite, do not forget to wear a watch and transparent aviators. This entire outfit signals elegance, style and C-O-M-F-O-R-T.

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2. Crew Neck or a round neck t-shirt with casual pants.

Alrightyyy then, here is the second outfit for y’all.

A crew neck or a round neck t-shirt with casual pants. Now, how to spice up this outfit?

As far as earrings are concerned, go ahead with silver studs and a golden knuckle ring. DO NOT forget to wear an analog watch, okay? OKAY.

Now, let’s talk about the footwear. You can wear suede ankle strapped sandals because they’re extremely stylish and comfortable!

3. Kurti.

The third outfit that you can wear to college is a KURTI!!!

They are extremely popular and look fabulous.

Now, you can probably wear plazos or jeans under it.

Not only these, you can try wearing ripped jeans as well ;). Yup.

As far as accessorizing this outfit is concerned, go for black jhumkas, since they go well with any kurti.

Let’s talk about your footwear now, a pair of ethnic slippers would look just perfect!

Image result for kurti with plazo

4. T-shirt and skinny jeans.

A chic t-shirt and skinny jeans is a trend that will never fade away. True that.

Now, let’s talk about spicing up this entire look, shall we?

Go ahead with dreamcatcher earrings, a watch, transparent aviators, sports shoes or combat boots and you’re good to go!

And oh oh oh, you can probably wrap a shirt around your jeans. It looks quite cool, hah.

Alright beautiful people, here were 4 comfortable yet chic outfits that you can wear to college or anywhere you like for that matter. See you soon with another article!

Written by:

Pranati Bhatia | Content writer | DU Times



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