With a Proposal of Nine More Institutes, DU Applies For Eminence Tag

DU applied for the tag of an Institute of eminence some days prior with some of its important conditions.
The application states that if given the tag of eminent institution,then it shall open nine new institutes. Yes, that is the academic plan DU. has provided in its application for IoE.
“The academic plan entails nine thematic areas with a number of sub themes, which underscore the conception of an interdisciplinary collaborative effort of the University of Delhi community. This endeavour reflects the university’s resolve to reflect and respond to the present and future needs of our society as of the globe.” – states the proposal.
The nine proposed institutes with theme and subthemes out of which one has already seen it’s second batch this year are:
Delhi School of Public Health
Delhi School of Climate Change and sustainability
School of Governance and Public Policy
School of Transnational affairs
School of Journalism
School of Informatics, Communication and Computing.
Skill enhancement
Entrepreneurial Development.
Culture and Heritage Development.
Performing art and school of global history.
Also, the university has belaid several funds related proposal. It wants to have some diversified sources of financing, inclusive of self financing scheme. The document proposal reads- “We will seek to charge appropriate fees for the new courses offered under the strategic plan albeit with significant(30-50%) availability of financing for meritorious/needy students.”
Not just this, DU is on it’s way to recruit teachers on a ratio of 1:10 that is one teacher per 10 students which says for itself how large the number of recruitments will be. The proposal says funds worth ₹793 crore are being sought for teaching, research, skill enhancement and development courses.
The proposal is inclusive of a number of modern amenities that the university shall be equipped with. The facilities with their respective costs are as follows:
1) Hostel facility for about 5000 students(cost-₹250 crore).
2) Expansion with upgradation of WUS health and Wellness facilities.(cost-₹100 crore)
3) Faculty housing to provide a residential campus environment.(cost-₹20 crore).
Stay tuned for more such information with DU TIMES.

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