Feel ‘paan’-tastic: Paan joints in Delhi

After a stomach full of tasty food, the one thing that stands to complement it and is among the hot favorites of most of us Indians is ‘Paan’. While Amitabh Bachchan’s iconic song “Khaike Paan Banaras wala” took the popularity of Paan to just another level, the improvisation and fusion experiments done with it have been successful in not letting it fade away from the Indian markets. So here’s presenting a list of our favourite paan joints in Delhi…

  • Panwadi

Situated in Hudson Lane, this newly opened joint serves the university students and people residing near north campus. They offer interesting fusions like chocochip paan, chocolate butterscotch ball paan and 4-flavoured paan, among others.

  • Pandey’s Paan

Situated in North Avenue is a mid-sized Paan shop named Pandey’s Paan. Serving since 1943, this is one of the oldest Paan shops in Delhi. They provide a variety of tobacco less products, fusion paans and Saada paans, with Chocolate Hazelnut Paan and Diet Sweet Paan being the most attractive variety.






  • Yamu’s Panchayat

A team of girls runs this joint located in R Block Market of Greater Kailash, which serves a variety of betel leaf. The most catchy feature about these paans is the Urdu names given to them, like Mehfil-e-khaas and Khwaab.

  • Basant Paan Bhandaar

This seemingly ordinary Paan shop in Nizamuddin, has a lot to say through its flavour and taste, and thus stands to be a tough competitor to others because of its out-of-this-world taste.

  • Bednath Paan Bhandaar

Bednath Paan Bhandaar is the answer to the midnight paan cravings, when you can hardly find any other Paan shop,with an exquisite taste, opened. Situated opposite New Delhi Railway Station, this shop stays open 24*7 and is famous for its typical Banarasi paans.

Shreya Srivastava | Content Writer | DU Times