A Rainy View

It’s raining outside, I can see through my window;
I sit by & enjoy the view, holding my favourite pillow.
Tiny drops touching the window sill,
Dark grey clouds hanging low as to touch the grill…
Flashes of lightning appearing at frequent intervals,
Making the rain drops glitter like pearls.
The wind flowing swiftly making low but clear sound,
Swaying the expectation of the trees whether to taste the sky or touch the ground.

I wonder if the rain drops are tears of Nature, crying at the destruction of the world,
Or they are tears of joy happy to see growth of new twigs- tender & curled.
Are the dark clouds hinting at prevailing darkness which can no more be endured,
Or they are blankets of Mother Nature to make us feel safe & secure.
Do the flashes of lightning show their anger at world’s sins?
Or are they the Almighty’s expectations for future welfare thinking which He grins…
I wonder whether the winds passing by sing a mourning song,
Or a tale to encourage human spirits that evil will not be here for long.
Can’t say if the trees are fighting hard to uproot themselves rather than being cut down by an axe,
Or are they rejoicing at the probable future happiness which will come in bundles & sacks.
Are the thudding doors & windows beating bands of evil & devastation,
Or are they voices of persuasion…
Is every rain drop touching the ground crying in its mother lap,
Or is it re-approaching its home its house with slow but frequent tip-tap.
Are the kids dancing in the rain be called fools feasting at the death or their own moral goodness,
Or are they getting prepared to change the world’s wickedness.

It’s amazing how nature is a reflection of our feelings & emotions,
At times, it appears to us mourning & the next moment it relieves all our tensions.
Nature colours itself in colour of man,
It appears gloomy to one & enthusiastic to another clan.
But, in any case, every dark cloud has a silver lining,
And even after the deadliest torrents of rain there’s a bright rainbow shining!

By, Harshita Sharan Srivastava, DU Times

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