NavJeevan ,as the name depicts “bestowing a new life”,  to those  women working in red light area of GB road.

Project Navjeevan started in the year 2014 , it geared up in the month of October later .

It Generally looks after the prostitutes working in the red light area of GB road which is very famous in India for prostitution.

GB Road (Grastin Bastion) lies in the heart of Delhi, connecting the city’s new and old railway stations with its long, dusty carriageways. Hidden inside its ramshackle three and four-storey buildings lies a parallel world. Unseen to most, it flickers in the haggard, painted faces of women long past their best, who sit at the base of murky stairwells and call out for custom. It is also hinted at in the upward gazes of men, young and old, towards red-lipped women who stand at barred windows, beckoning them in.

It is not just the women’s physical health that is impacted by life in GB Road.

“By the time they have been here for a few years, many are suffering from mental health issues. “Depression, anxiety and insomnia are very common.”And few even faces psychological problems like no self confidence , excessive ,tiredness and the list never ends. Like many of the 3,500 women who live and work in Delhi’s largest red light district, GB Road.

They are forced to do sex by the male section of our society .. Our prime objective is to uproot those women from GB road ,i.e. from prostitution by providing them vocational training in computer and tailoring  so that they can sustain a dignified life without the stigma of prostitution.

We sell our  notebooks in local stationaries, college fests, college stationaries,  by putting stalls at malls and by getting our notebooks included in local school’s curriculum.

These notebooks are made out of joy and their passion.

They never wanted to be trapped in this taboo and hence Enactus Satyawati is trying to forecast the life that they really deserve, a new and happy life and take them out from the present situation where they never wanted. They were always forced to do all the stuffs. Enactus Satyawati has come up with the solution and provide them money through notebook making and selling them off.

Written By- Aastha Malani, Satyawati College

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