5 things about your First Semester at College- Get Excited!

As the days are coming nearer for the ‘Freshers’-DU aspirants to witness a whole new world in itself, here are some tit-bits that they will relate to in days ahead in their exciting new college lives.

1) Well, undoubtedly the admission procedures will frustrate you at times and will make you curse the growing population when you will wait for your turn in the long queues of admission procedures.
But nevertheless, the excitement of the upcoming college life will balance it out and act as a re-vital to that tiredness.

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2) The  puzzling moments will keep coming to you one after the other. Next will be when you enter your college premises on the first day, witnessing a different, new atmosphere and a whole new lot of carefree-creative-innovative and some mischievous minds. Initial hesitations, Awkwardness, Inferiority Complex and the Nervousness to fit into a new world will make you feel Isolated, will compel you to Miss your school badly. But remember,  you aren’t alone, there will be many others who will feel exactly like you. Boost up your confidence, break out from the hesitation and try to interact with your peers, who knows the very first person you share your contemporary feelings with, might become the part and parcel of your life till the 3rd year of college or for your entire life.
3) On entering the classrooms, you will sense an immense kind of liberty. First thing you will realize is that you will have your mobile phones in your pockets unlike school. You are free to sit wherever you want, no professor will change your seat partner or your seat until you cause a real nuisance in the class. You will observe such liberty and leniency in the teaching staff as well. But as said ‘With great liberty comes greater responsibility’, you will have to be responsible for each and every action of yours. When you will be late for a class, the professor might not bother about your being late reason or your missing the lecture. You will be responsible entirely for your good or bad.
4) Later, after you have passed a few months, you surely will have your own bunch of buddies. You will find people who are like you and you will form the bond of affiliation with them. Your ‘Fukro ki Toli’ will hang out with you, bother about your well-being- from your being late till the post-lecture-analysis-discussions on professors. They  will fill an excitement, a whole new enthusiasm in you.
5) Soon, not far from the end of your First Semester, you will have your own list of ‘Things-to-do’ with your group of ‘Fukrey’. From visiting the best hangout spots of your campus area to pampering your taste buds with the most sumptuous food-joints around your college. You will find yourself planning the days you can bunk classes and still keep up with the attendance requirements to start striking off places from your list of  stuff.

Amidst wide variations from feeling isolated to spotting the right friend, your first semester will end like a passing stroke of wind. Nevertheless, it will be a beautiful experience which might teach you a lot. These memories will never get blurred from the casket of College memories.
Keep your smile and confidence on your face and demeanor and step out  into this new and different world of College!
Ensuring that this article has increased your excitement level.
All the very best!☺
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Written By- Rangoli Roy, Kirorimal College
Edited by- Deepika Agrawal, LSR


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