DUTA Delegation Meets Delhi LG Over Unpaid Salaries in 12 Colleges

Teachers from 12 colleges of Delhi University, which receive funding from the Delhi government are not being paid for several months. They went on strike to protest this issue and recently discussed it with Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor, Vinay Saxena.

DUTA protest

A group led by DUTA President Professor Ajay Kumar Bhagi had a meeting with Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena. They asked for the full payment of grants to the twelve government-funded colleges and requested the cancellation of letters from Education Minister Atishi to Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena. DUTA sought the Lieutenant Governor’s help to resolve this ongoing financial problem.

DUTA President told news agency IANS that in view of the current problems of the colleges, the Lieutenant governor Vinay Saxena has assured 12 colleges to pay the full grant soon.

Professor Bhagi mentioned that the current situation led to a strike last week in all 12 Delhi University colleges to address the urgency of solving the financial challenges.

He condemned and rejected the letters issued by Delhi’s Education Minister, Atishi. Many teachers in these colleges haven’t received salaries for months. Continuous appeals are being made to the government to release the full amount owed to these teachers and staff working hard in the 12 colleges, ensuring their financial well-being.

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