DUTA Against Open Book Examinations

Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) now writes letter to VC against mode of final exams. They back students after the release of tentative datesheet of final year. The key points are

  • Teachers and students ask for views from wider stakeholders before conducting exams

  • They list the ignorance of visually-challenged students by DU.

Final Semester Exams
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Amidst all the protest from students and teacher’s groups, DU released the tentative scehdule of the exams. The exam is supposed to begin from 1 July. The exams will be entertained by around 2.4 lakh students and will be conducted for final year students.

The academic council and executive council wrote letter to VC, in response to release of datesheet.The councils expressed their agony in the letter, whereby mentioning the problems faced by students. Moreover, they also wrote how the OBE is anti-student. Additionally, they also mentioned the ignorance of results of various surveys. These surveys were taken from students and teachers. The results show students and teachers against the conduct of OBE.

The councils further cited two questions in front of VC, which are stated below.

  1. How does OBE remain the only option for taking exams? How did we arrive at this conclusion?
  2. Why is OBE certain, but the dates aren’t ? Won’t this make it difficult for students?

In addition, the councils also reported the biasness of exams. Although, the OBE is fixed, the dates for exam are still not certain. Futhermore, they also mention the breaking of rules and regulations on part of DU, by conducting the OBE. They go on to write the issues faced by students.

There are students stuck in their native places without notes and books. Also face net problems which worsen the conditions. The local students too aren’t sure about their net connections. A large population comes from socially and EWS who face different sets of problems.

DUTA took a survey of 51000 students. The results showed students against this mode of examination. Around 85% are in disagreement of this decision by DU. The teacher’s association now waits for answers. Further, hopes that administration will take some due action.


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