DU Forms Panel to Investigate College of Art’s De-Affiliation

The Delhi University has constituted a six-member panel to investigate the College of Art's de-affiliation from the university.

New Delhi: After a substantial section of its executive council voiced dissatisfaction with a proposal to combine it with the Delhi government-run Ambedkar University, the Delhi University has created a six-member panel to investigate the problem of the College of Art’s de-affiliation from the institution.

The committee will also examine the Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (DIPSAR) being de-affiliated from Delhi University (DU) and renamed the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (PSRU) under the Delhi government.
In March, the Cabinet of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal resolved to merge the College of Art (CoA) with Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD).

“How the de-affiliation process is carried out will be determined by Delhi University.” Professor Balaram Pani, the varsity’s Dean of Colleges, stated, “There has been no process taken out for its (CoA) de-affiliation.”

“Whether the College of Art should be de-affiliated will be decided by the committee,” he said.

The decision to form the committee was made at the university’s Executive Council (EC) meeting last month. On September 21, the committee was notified.

The de-affiliation of CoA from DU and its affiliation with the AUD was discussed at the EC meeting.

The Delhi Cabinet decided in March to merge CoA, which is currently connected with DU, with AUD. “A committee has been established to investigate the situation.

The entire EC was dissatisfied with the Delhi government’s actions, thus a committee was formed “Vikas Gupta, the Registrar had stated.

Professor Rajpal Singh Pawar, who has been nominated to the university’s de-affiliation committee, stated that they questioned the university’s officials on the matter.

“We shall make every effort to prevent de-affiliation. Whatever happens, it must be approved by the European Commission. The committee will produce Delhi University’s response to the Delhi government’s proposed Cabinet note on the de-affiliation of the College of Art and Design “he stated

Mr Pawar further stated that DIPSAR’s affiliation was never permitted by the university. “We’d like to know when authorization for its de-affiliation was granted, as well as who issued that approval,” he added.


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