Can I still get into DU with low marks?

DU is the university to which all students aspire to be admitted, and students are frequently perplexed by colleges, cutoffs, and other factors. Students with lower grades who wish to enroll at DU often wonder if they will be accepted. With the cut-offs about to be released shortly, many students are concerned about whether they will get admission or not due to their fewer marks.

Don’t worry, because you certainly can.

Students who get a score of above 95% in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or other Board examinations would not face a difficult time gaining admission to the University of Delhi (DU). Other students who haven’t should also not be very concerned. Despite the fact that high entrance cut-offs might be intimidating, the institution offers options for students at all levels of achievement.

There are a variety of ways to gain admission to the University of Delhi. While applicants can take the Delhi University Entrance Test (DUET) for a limited number of programmes, they must get at least a B in 10+2 to be considered for university admission to the set of programmes.

Find out how to get into Delhi University with a lower percentage of marks in the sections below.

Between 40% and 60%.

Do not be discouraged. You have a better chance of getting into DU than you believe. In addition to BA and BCom, its School of Open Learning provides BCom (honors), political science (honors), and English (honors) like any other Delhi University college. After three years, you will receive a DU diploma. Sanskrit (honors) cut-offs at ordinary institutions are likewise in this range. In partnership with the business, several private institutions or schools connected with universities outside Delhi also offer professional degrees such as event management, footwear design, and culinary arts.

Between 60% and 75%.

Examine the previous year’s cut-off list and apply to courses that appear to be accessible. At this point, don’t consider the college but the course. During the admissions process, cut-offs for BA Program and BA (honors) Sanskrit in prestigious colleges decrease to this level.
Management studies, mass communication, journalism, primary education, and foreign languages are among the DU disciplines that require an admission exam. If you can afford it, private colleges are also a fantastic choice.

Between 75% and 90%.

Be realistic about the colleges you’ll be able to attend. Give priority to the course and accept admission wherever the cutoff in the first list is met. Though most schools’ cut-offs for courses like BCom (honors), Economics (honors), and even English (honors) remain above 90%, keep an eye on future lists. Choose a BA Program, BCom, or general science course, which has lower cutoffs than honors courses but seldom falls below 80%. You would also be qualified to take DU admission exams for several programmes. It is also possible to apply to private universities.

Between 90% and 100%.

Those with a score of more than 95% have a strong chance of being admitted to the college and course of their choice at DU. According to officials and experts, selecting a decent subject is more crucial than attending a well-known college. Many universities with great instructors that you may not have considered previously. You can wait for the cut-off to drop and then choose your preferred course. Plan your application by looking at the deadline from the previous year.

You can wait for the cut-off to drop and then choose your preferred course. Plan your application by looking at the deadline from the previous year. READ THE WHOLE PDF FOR MORE INFORMATION HERE.

BA PROGRAMME – a great option which you can consider.

The computation of your % will vary according to the course you choose, but there are no exceptions to the BA PROGRAMME that you should be aware of. Regardless of the disciplines you choose to pursue in this course, only the best four subjects from your 12th grade will be considered, therefore yes, you may consider enrolling in BA program courses. The following are the courses with low cut-offs:-

B.A. Programme (Political Science + Psychology)
B.A. Programme (Philosophy + Political Science
B.A. Programme (Philosophy + Psychology)
B.A. Programme (Mathematics + Philosophy)
B.A. Programme (History + Political Science)
B.A. Programme (History + Philosophy)
B.A. Programme (History + Music)
B.A. Programme (History + Mathematics)
B.A. Programme (ADC + Philosophy)
B.A. Programme (Urdu + History)
B.A. Programme (Sanskrit + Political Science)
B.A. Programme (Sanskrit + Music)
B.A. Programme (Sanskrit + History)
B.A. Programme (Punjabi + History)

Which are some of the colleges that have low cut-offs?

Zakir Husain Delhi College
Swami Shardhanand College
Sri Guru Tegh
Bahadur Khalsa College Sikh Minority
Shyam Lal College
Kalindi College(W)
Institute of Home Economics (W)
Bhagini Nivedita College (W)
Arts and commerce
Aditi Mahavidyalaya (W)
Lakshmibai College (W)
Motilal Nehru College evening
Shyam Lal College
Sri Guru Nanak
Dev Khalsa College* Sikh Minority(SM)
Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening)
BA program
Zakir Husain Delhi College (Evening)
Aditi Mahavidyalaya (W)
Ramanujan College
Swami Shardhanand College
Shyam Lal College
Satyawati College(Evening)
Kalindi College(W)
Bhagini Nivedita College(W)
Institute of Home Economics (W)

This period leading up to the deadlines is quite stressful for students. They tend to overthink and worry about whether or not they will be admitted. I would just say that it is unnecessary. DU is known for its high cut-offs, but there’s more to it than that. Not all universities have such high cut-offs, and students with lower grades can still get in. Just keep in mind that your % computation will be entirely dependent on your course. Read the exclusions and qualifying requirements carefully on the website before applying.

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