DSJ: Students On Hunger Strike For The Basic Infrastructure, Finally Attain Support

The students of DSJ who had been doing hunger strike for the attainment of basic amenities from the administration have finally received support form AISA and NSUI.

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The All India Students’ Association (AISA) on Friday said the peaceful protest by the students for basic infrastructure, such as labs, has been met with violent reactions from the DU administration by calling the police who allegedly physically assaulted the student.

DSJ has one of the highest fees for any course in DU — over ₹70,000 annually. Despite the high fees, the students don’t even have proper classrooms, let alone other basic infrastructure like laboratories,” said AISA activists.

Moreover, The NSUI is against backdoor privatisation of public universities through introduction of self-financing courses. We believe that education is a public good that is essential for socio-economic mobility and as such the State should not offload its responsibility onto poor students,” said the NSUI.

They further added “No institute can run without a well-stocked library, media lab and teaching equipment. Students are currently being taught how to use Photoshop using a blackboard”.

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