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Who is she? She is Anantya Anand. 9 year old YouTube star is ruling the multimedia site with 963,982 subscribers and a total of 89 videos (till date) is about to reach the mark of 1 million subscribers on her channel ‘MyMissAnand’. One of the most entertaining and funny channels of YouTube has not only gathered children’s attention but is also a funny break for the adults.

What’s the channel about?

So, there’s nothing new to the themes but the role play by Anantya has won hearts. Her cute expressions and adorable gestures are making people adore her more and more. Her videos are inspired from daily life aspects like school life and different types of people we come across in our lives. She has a God gift talent and this can’t be denied because the way she carries herself, the confidence with which she plays the roles and sharing the stage so well with co-stars elder to her, this is going to take her to a bigger platform someday for sure.

What not to miss:

Her tutorial lessons on hair styling. You can’t miss them. She just did it so well! Watch out for her other videos, girls you will definitely fall in love with her grooming lessons.


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