Diversity in Delhi University

“India is a bouquet of different flowers.”

India, the country which has set examples in past and present; whether it is the difference in geography, culture, religion or languages which change with every hundred steps; India has always been looked up as a country which includes so many religions, cultures etc. and still is a very united country. This unity comes because of humanity which teaches all to treat every human same.

Any kind of teams, groups, organisations or educational institutions have a variety of people working in them. These teams include a mixture of people from all states in India and everyone is treated equally, because when they are a part of an institution they belong to that particular institution totally ignoring the fact that these people come from different places.

Similarly, University of Delhi, the elated institution consists of thousands of students and the University is full of students from all the states in India. The University is all-inclusive and the students are united by one single identity which is that, they are DUites. Within the colleges also there is a variety of students belonging from every state in India. This is a very good thing for all the students as when they become friends with students from different places they will come to know more about the places their friends belong to and in this way they will understand India better. Diversity exists everywhere and friendships strengthen the unity in the country. University of Delhi attracts people from all states and everyone wants to be a part of the University because of the presence of a variety of courses and of course a Delhi University student is treated with a lot of respect. Presence of students from different states in the University gives an edge to the college life of many students. Knowledge is acquired over the years about different cultures, myths and beliefs in all over the country which is very important from each and every student as a citizen also. One should be aware of each and everything which happens in India. Students belonging to different regions of India give a chance to every student to know India better. The feelings of patriotism and the feelings of respect towards every culture can get induced in an individual this way. If students know about the place from where they are from and also about the places which are constituted in that place, then only these students will feel a connection.

As far as the University is concerned, no matter from where its students are, it educates all the same way. Education is always equal for all. The presence of a variety of students, only influences students studying inside the colleges as the presence of so much diversity makes each individual very interesting in oneself. People are curious to know about each one’s culture and in this way they can rise above the stereotypical facts related to each culture and regions and know the exact facts right from the person who belongs to these regions.

Diversity is very important as it allows an individual to be more sensitive and more respectful towards all, this emotion of sensitivity and respectfulness gives birth to ‘unity in diversity’.

Delhi University is an institution which consists of people who are united by education, no matter which state they are from but are a part of India, the largest democracy of the world.

Antra Sinha,
Content Writer – DU Times.

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