Demands of NSUI over Baisoya’s case!

It’s now been weeks after Delhi University’s Student Union’s president Ankiv Baisoya’s degree erupted. But it seems like Delhi University’s administration is niggling it on.

The probe has not reached any firm conclusion from the university’s end. Though the controller of Thiruvalluar University clarified on the fake degree of Baisoya. Even after rechecking was done the registrar of Thiruvalluar University has again clarified that” Ankiv Baisoya has not enrolled either in the university or in any of its constituent and affiliated colleges.”


“Despite of this the DU administration is dragging their feet on by removing the admission officer and delaying the process by different means to slow down the course of action, hence favoring ABVP” claims congress backed student union NSUI.

NSUI has also further gone out to demand:

  • Declaration of Sunny Chillar as the DUSU president.
  • Ankiv baisoya should be behind the bars for deceiving the students of DU and DU administration by the means of fraud.

NSUI has also alleged that DU administration is avoiding the matter because according to the Lyngdoh guidelines, if the president is removed from the post within two months, university will have to conduct re-elections for the DUSU office.

Moreover, after two months the guidelines will reject the need of re-elections and will direct the vice president who is also from ABVP to take the charge as the president.

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