Being Born Again

College life seems to be very fascinating when one is in school, as they say grass is always greener on the other side but then coming to college is not always strumming guitars and after parties there is the harsh realities of internals and university papers. Often first years are so mesmerised by this dystopia of college frenzy that they end up doing everything, joining all forms of societies and trying out all new things possible and in the midst of it all their dust lain books are forgotten. For a few from far of states the first few months are that of dedication with many not missing their classes and yes raising hands to pose doubts but with time that seems to wear of as well. What many of us often tend to forget is that college is an upgraded version of school with lot more work and lot less compulsion.

How we seek freedom in this fantasy of ours! Suddenly we feel this surge of power and agency that we may have not felt before. The feeling that the world is but a stage and we its players as Shakespeare so truly wrote once becomes our cushioning reality. Then there is the wonderful love at first sight that is destined to be denied and is every fresher’s tale of lost love and of course that important piece of advice.

How can all the experimental bus rides and the hesitant giving away of money be forgotten during the days when we forgot lunch.

It’s a scary time for parents too where some give their children freedom to explore, telling themselves that they are now adults and it’s too far a catch and others tightening their hold. For those from other states its calls every day. It’s an experience for our parents, for dads to worry and moms to tense. Many tend to hide their fears and others openly discuss them. They too learn to deal with their kids some succeeding and others miserably failing. They come in terms. With their child struggling to swim in this endless pool of possibilities but as he/she drowns, is always ready for a selfie smile.

Yup those are the its and bits of paper that we often tend to hide under the carpet.

But Hey! That’s college, and in the years to come precisely the next two and a half years left will hopefully teach every one of us what it truly means to be a part of this institution called DU.

By Stephen Mathew – DU Times

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