Delhi University Fests You Shouldn’t Miss

Delhi University always on hype because of several reasons like the lifestyle, food corners, culture and more important because of fests. No doubt that Delhi University students are very creative they organize some amazing fests by themselves to bring enjoyment and entertainment in their college life.

Delhi University fest season starts from the month of December and continues until February. Different college organizes the different and unique fest to bring excitement and enjoyment throughout the university.

Delhi University Fests

Students work hard to make the show different and amazing through the different sponsorship and organizers.

Here we are jotting down the reasons for attending the fests:

It is a fact that not only DU students wait for the DU fests season but students from other universities also wait for the DU fests. The fest season does a lot more than just doing enjoyment when it comes to the building experiences. There are several reasons that why shouldn’t miss DU fests.

  1. Participate in your interest area: There are many events in each fest it’s like you name it and you have that event from academics to sports, from dance to art and craft, from music to cooking and the fun events like the treasure hunt, blind date and many more. DU fests give a platform to showcase your talent. Fests encourage students to participate and show their hidden talent. Apart from this, they have an exciting and amazing cash prize and certificates too.
  2. Networking: It is important for students to develop the network in their college life, so fests give them this chance they meet with like-minded people or other students who share same goals and career interests also they interact with the faculty which really helps them in future as their interaction not only restricted to academics. Fests help them to expand and gain more knowledge.
  3. Break from books: Students’ life is monotonous as they are engaged in assignments, labs, ppts, projects throughout the year. So, this fest season gives a break to their boring life and can take a break from the studies.
  4. Memories with friends: Fests are more enjoyable if you go with your friends and make memories this is the chance when your group is unable to plan a trip at least you guys can go in the fests and make memories, it builds friendship stronger.

Some Top Delhi University College Fests

Here we are listing some top colleges fest that you shouldn’t miss:

Gargi College Reverie
  1. Magic shows
  2. Fashion stalls
  3. Dance performances
29th – 30th January 2019
PGDAV College Aaghaz
  1. Celebrity performances
  2. A night full of laughter, dance & music
1st – 2nd February 2019
Lady Shri Ram College Tarang
  1. Talent shows
  2. EDM nights
2nd – 4th February 2019
Jesus and Mary College Montage
  1. Graffiti competitions
  2. Music, dance and drama events
16th – 17th February 2019
Lady Irwin College Quintessence
  1. Music and dance events
  2. Star night
20th – 21st February 2019
Kamala Nehru college Ullas
  1. Fashion show: Glitz
  2. Horse trade
  3. Barter game
  4. Dance event
21st – 22nd February 2019
Sri Venkateswara College Nexus
  1. Karaoke, western solo & duet singing competitions
  2. Debates and quizzes
22nd – 24th February 2019
Khalsa College Lahkara
  1. Punjabi folk culture
  2. Star night
26th – 28th February 2019
Ramjas College Mosaic
  1. Intercollege competitions
To be declared
Hindu college Mecca
  1. Literary events
  2. Fashion shows
  3. Street plays
To be declared
Shri Ram College of Commerce Crossroads
  1. Street plays
  2. Competitions
  3. Business quizzes
To be declared
Miranda House Tempest
  1. Battle of bands
  2. DJ nights
  3. Dance, singing competitions
To be declared
Hansraj College Confluence
  1. Choreography competitions
  2. Battle of bands
  3. Fashion shows
  4. Street plays
To be declared


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