Coping with the Crisis: A Guide for Students


Coping with the Crisis

We are in the middle of a global crisis, or who knows it’s just the beginning? The world is clattering for that one vaccine, the economy took the highest jump off the cliff, migrants struggling to find the way back home (when they already know it), deaths that can’t be tot up, and teachers struggling to curate all the possible resources for enriching their students. However, amidst it all, we have something more… that many of us are failing to concede. That is the future, post this crisis. In the times coming we’ll already have a lot to fix that fixing ourselves will deposit in the ocean full of responsibilities. So why not spare some time at this moment full of time to be able to hit the ground running when all this is concluded?

What we should do till the time we are quarantined?

As we have a lot of time to think and rethink about our wants from life, by and large. We should not make strong assumptions or predict the future. Because none of us could have ever imagined something like this, even a week before we were officially quarantined. So, rather we should aim all our strength in fixing our present!

There might be a lot of students who are going to come out of it as some totally different humans. There will be some who will now have a fit body, some will add up their heads with 10 new books, some perhaps will have a more defined resume, and similar endless “level ups”. My motive is not to wither away your self-confidence. But just think, many of them who are coming out to be a different person was sceptical about their own strong points today. You just have to go at your own pace in order to better yourself.  

The current situation is equally unbreakable for everyone, and students are no different. In a situation like these, one should try to keep their calm and work on themselves. It is evident that not particularly classrooms but the college, in general, had a huge impact on many student’s lives. With the help of the library, sports, or other societies, students could do away many ill thoughts surrounding their heads. But it could be seen that students are missing out on all the things. To fix all of it one should find an alternative that will be equal to it since we do not know what normal will be post the crisis.

Here are certain things that you can do to fix the lockdown blues:

  • Attend webinars:

    there are weekly webinars now being held by Delhi University to enrich students with career planning, new courses, stress-busting tips, etc. You can find more details here You should connect yourself with the intellects and help yourself grow a little bit more with each passing webinar. All you need to do is register and get connected through the online portals. Great isn’t it?

  • Enrol in new courses:

    many online platforms are lending free courses for students. You can learn new skills like the basics of theatre, creative writing, python java, artistic skills, museum management, etc. These courses can be found on many sites, but choose wisely and stick to authentic sites.

  • Use the resources:

    the world just becomes a better place when everyone is coming up with the best they can for students. Now you have access to books and e-libraries, so your FOMO from the actual library is reduced. Delhi university makes it easy and now you can access your e-library here. There are initiatives from different edges for the same.

  •  Read:

    reading is one way that lets you travel even in times like these. You can be just snuggling on your couch with your favourite book and reaching different places, living an exotic life in no time. Books help you to live in many dimensions and you don’t get weary of the same monotonous cacophony.

  • Workout, practice yoga and meditation:

    our physical activities are heavily reduced. To cope up, try indoors workout with the help of several online platforms. Begin with a little stretch to calm your mind and body that is sore from just sitting at one place. Practice meditation to ease your inner chaos. A little goes a long way. You don’t need heavy machines and weights to feel healthy. We believe it’s just your will.  

  • Give yourself some time:

    it’s okay if you can’t do everything at once or nothing at all. Give yourself some time, it’s all going to be okay. If you can’t do 50 pushups, you can begin by just 1, you can’t finish the whole book, start with just one chapter. And it’s equally okay. We are all in this together.

Concluding Note:

In the end, we’ll have a lot of fallbacks, maybe at every step, we take hereafter, but that’s how we will rise to lead the future. Maybe this is life’s way to make us a better person, we should all work towards and hit the ground running when it is all over.  

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