Contemplations after the First Year in DU

“Do you have enough percentage (read: best of four marks in luck-based board exams) to get into the University of Delhi?” Yes. I managed, being a “General” student. I was on seventh heaven until the sky-high cut-off lists were out.

Nonetheless, getting a course of my choice in a college, good enough, to show off to my relatives was all that I wanted, a year ago. Standing in those long admission queues and surviving injustice through every step, caste-based, gender-based in the scorching heat of Delhi, was my choice. I had to deal with it. After a lot of debates over course/city/college/campus and the never-ending dilemmas, I found myself settled in DU. I expected top-notch students, since the course couldn’t be more elite – English Honours! I wouldn’t express my disappointments here, since, the weird people who I judged way too much (in the first month) are now my best buddies, they’re the reason I survive in a glitzy city like Delhi.

It’s been one year since I left my hometown, my family and friends who meant the world to me. Has it been worth it? Has it been worth the money, time and effort? It was the best day of my life when my dreams finally got converted into reality. Until I realized that DU is just so overrated. Lectures were all about the professors imposing CBCS on us. We became a ‘yet-another batch of experimentation’. And the funniest part is, even the faculty of various colleges are not very clear about this system. Grades compel students to take academics lightly. 80% of the students find the grading system very arbitrary and vague. They want us to read beyond our discipline by giving us minimal choices for our Elective Subject, which is so ironic. Who would’ve thought that we would write reports, letters and study the ecosystem all over again!

It’s not all that bad, though. College has taught me to look beyond a person’s habits, viewpoints and lifestyle. I had certain pre-conceived notions about the localities and people belonging to different regions, which were not all that true. It has taught me to look beyond the labels and stereotypes of this society. It has taught me the value of one’s opinion regarding any issue, the value of speaking up for oneself, without thinking if the society would judge.

I have learned to make the best out of every single opportunity – fests and numerous competitions being a huge platform for showcase of talents. The talented people of various societies have encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. Amidst the fights for attendance, internals, assignments, fests, cultural activities, protests, elections that attracted us with free movie tickets and free donuts; so many friendships have been developed, with students as well as the coolest professors. We’ve survived the extreme conditions in the poor infrastructure, trying to find an empty classroom for lectures. Times spent outside college, hangouts in various food joints, has been a great stress buster. Thank you, Delhicious food! It’s been just a year and I’ve transformed in ways I never thought I would.

– Kavya Jain

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